Foam Carpet Squares

foam carpet squares
    carpet squares
  • Easy to install tiles of carpet that are laid down next to each other or have self-adhesive to be glued next to each other.
  • A mass of small bubbles formed on or in liquid, typically by agitation or fermentation
  • A thick preparation containing many small bubbles
  • become bubbly or frothy or foaming; "The boiling soup was frothing"; "The river was foaming"; "Sparkling water"
  • a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid; "the beer had a thick head of foam"
  • A similar mass formed from saliva or sweat
  • a lightweight material in cellular form; made by introducing gas bubbles during manufacture
foam carpet squares - Milliken Legato
Milliken Legato Embrace 'Almond Brittle' Carpet Tiles
Milliken Legato Embrace 'Almond Brittle' Carpet Tiles
The Legato carpet tiles are approximately 20" x 20" square and can be used to create a vast array of custom layouts and designs within your living space. The product installs easily and there is NO ADHESIVE NEEDED, thanks to Milliken's patented TractionBack? adhesive system that is pre-applied to tile. Embrace is made of 100% Milliken-Certified Wear-On? Nylon and includes built-in soil and stain protection. Spills and stains are easily repaired by simply replacing the damaged tile. Mix and match, No mess, Area Rug or Wall-to-wall, Unlimited design opportunities- all at your fingertips with Legato Embrace Carpet tiles. The ultimate DIY product.

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8404 Fabric [Squared] Dots Dark Navy
8404 Fabric [Squared] Dots Dark Navy
One idea. Two materials. Innumerable uses. More a mat in the form and size of a carpet, the design by Eva Langhans incorporates an elastic foam core enclosed by a surface covering made by the renowned Danish textiles firm kvadrat. As a highly durable and fashionable mat FABRIC [SQUARED] is perfect for all sorts of activities: yoga or pilates workout sessions, simply relaxing, or as a comfortable reading surface for rainy afternoons with a warming mug of tea.
With a little paint and some foam-core board, nine fun cards form a spiffy piece of artwork. Choose a boldly patterned card then use spray adhesive to mount onto same-size pieces of foam-core board. Attach the squares to the painted square with double-sided carpet tape, and voila! For an extra touch paint a large square in a contrasting color to make your art work pop off your walls.

foam carpet squares
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