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  • Morelia spilota is a large snake of the Pythonidae family found in Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea. There are 6 subspecies listed by ITIS, commonly referred to as Carpet and Diamond pythons..
  • the python Morelia spilotes variegata, widespread in Australia. The diamond and carpet pythons are actually one species, named differently according to their particular markings.
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carpet python wiki - Large Life-size
Large Life-size Python Snake Prop: 6 Foot Long Foam-filled Latex Halloween Decoration
Large Life-size Python Snake Prop: 6 Foot Long Foam-filled Latex Halloween Decoration
Any snake charmer worth their weight in venom must have a nice big python in their pantheon of serpents, and this snake is the ticket! Measures 2 feet long in its' regular serpentine position, and 6 feet along the body from the head to tail. Made from foam-filled latex and wonderfully detailed with realistic colors and leathery skin texture. Serpentine shape fits nicely over your shoulders. No matter if it's your Halloween Party, Haunted House,or your very own Vampire gathering, this is a creature prop sure to make give your guests a nice blood-curdling scare! Great reptilian accessory for your snake charmer or Uncle Alice costume and looks good in any display that requires an extra-big dose of creepy-crawly.

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Misha the carpet python
Misha the carpet python
Misha is a coastal carpet python and is approximately 9 feet long. He is very friendly and inquisitive, and seems to enjoy the live events the most of all the snakes on the team
Carpet Python
Carpet Python
Carpet Python (Morelia spilota variegata) that swallowed a red-legged Pademelon (Thylogale stigmatica)

carpet python wiki
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