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15 Foot Carpet

15 foot carpet
  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something
  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
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  • The Plus 15 or +15 Skyway network in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is the world's most extensive pedestrian skywalk system with a total length of and 59 bridges. The system is so named because the skywalks are approximately 15 feet (approximately 4.5 metres) above street level.
  • fifteen: being one more than fourteen
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15 foot carpet - Duck Brand
Duck Brand 442063 2-7/16-Inch-by-15-Feet Fiberglass Carpet Seaming Tape
Duck Brand 442063 2-7/16-Inch-by-15-Feet Fiberglass Carpet Seaming Tape
The Henkel Duck fiberglass carpet seaming tape has an extremely aggressive adhesive to splice carpeting permanently. The self-stick tape is fiberglass reinforced for maximum durability and is both water and mildew resistant. Application is easy, without the need for special tools or ironing. The extra wide, linerless tape simplifies the carpet seaming process and ensures a tight, permanent seam. It is best used with foam/rubber, woven polypropylene and jute-backed carpets. The tape comes in a 2.44-inch-by-15 foot roll.

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Day 82/365 "Pajama Feet"
Day 82/365 "Pajama Feet"
It's gotten cold enough where I actually have to start wearing long-legged pajamas now. Don't get me wrong, they're quite comfortable. But still, I like summer better :( Been running low on creative juice lately. I've noticed that I seem to go on "streaks" of creativity. I just need some way to boost myself back into a creativity streak again haha FYI: my feet aren't this nasty. The editing in post made them look gritty and dirty. I promise, they aren't this bad :) haha 10/15/09
Grace's Furniture Sign
Grace's Furniture Sign
Grace's Furniture 2618 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60647 To get a sense of the massive scale of this sign notice the ladder (!) built into it below the 'E' in 'Grace.' The sign is easily 15 feet tall. So vivid, too. The business itself still exists though has moved three blocks northwest.

15 foot carpet
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