Cooling Freezer 7

cooling freezer 7
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cooling freezer 7 - Arctic Cooling
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP - Processor cooler - ( Socket 775 ) - 80 mm
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP - Processor cooler - ( Socket 775 ) - 80 mm

Arctic Cooling Arctic Freezer 7 LP775 CPU Cooler "ACFZ7LP"

Low Profile Intel CPU Cooler optimized for Slim Cases

Most small chassis users find it difficult to buy a suitable cooler replacement that fits the size of their PC case. Freezer 7 LP, a cutting edge Intel CPU cooler especially designed for media centre users to fulfill their needs.

Main Features:
- Dual Heatpipes Design
- Optimized Heatsink Design for Low Profile Intel Systems
- 80 mm PWM Fan
- Patented Fan Holder eliminates the Humming Noise
- Pre-applied High Performance Thermal Compound
- Easy Installation via Push Pins
- Light Weight, Transport Save
- 6 Years Warranty

Slim Beauty
The revolutionary heatsink design of the Freezer 7 LP reduces the size of the cooler dramatically, leaving it only 40mm slim (to the air intake level) and 263g light, almost half the weight of usual CPU coolers. With this ultra thin dimension, the Freezer 7 LP easily fits into any small chassis with limited space.

The Art of Silence
Like other ARCTIC COOLING products, low noise impellers and patented fan holder are used to minimize the noise level. Even though spinning at full load, the Freezer 7 LP generates only 0.5 Sone of noise – 71% quieter than the Intel low profile cooler.

Dimension: 109 L x 108 W x 42 H (to air intake level) / 53 H (with fan holder) mm
Weight : 263 g
Fan: 80 mm x 1
Fan Speed: 600 ?V 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Air Flow: 28 CFM / 47.6 m3/h
Maximum Cooling Capacity: 90 Watt

79% (8)
Motherboard back in place
Motherboard back in place
I definitely need a new case for my next build. It's a miserably tight squeeze for everything in my current Antec Sonata. Any of the current crop of decent video cards have no chance of fitting in here.
Close, but it works
Close, but it works
I was afraid the fan was going to clip the heat sink, but there's plenty of clearance.

cooling freezer 7