15 cu ft upright freezer. Koolatron coca cola mini fridge. Refrigerator seal problems

15 Cu Ft Upright Freezer

15 cu ft upright freezer
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15 cu ft upright freezer - Sunpentown-SPT-UF-150SS 1.5
Sunpentown-SPT-UF-150SS 1.5 CU. FT Upright Freezer Stainless
Sunpentown-SPT-UF-150SS 1.5 CU. FT Upright Freezer Stainless
Compact, flush back design offers 1.5 cu.ft. of storage, perfect for counter-top placement. Adjustable thermostat ranges from true 0°F to 32°F. Features reversible door, lock and key and 1 removable wire shelf. INSTRUCTION MANUAL Specifications Input voltage 115V / 60Hz Power input 138W Energy consumption 270 kWh/year Thermostat range 0 - 32.4°F Type direct cooling Net capacity 1.5 cu.ft. / 42.5 liters Noise level 39 dBA Refrigerant R134a Unit dimension 18.5W x 17.75D x 19.5H in Internal dimension 13.75W x 13.75D x 13.25H in (compressor step: 7.375H x 6.25D in) Package dimension 22 X 22 X 23 in Net weight 43 lbs Gross weight 48 lbs

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Upright Beer Dinner
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15 cu ft upright freezer
15 cu ft upright freezer
Summit Commercial Glass Door Merchandising Freezer - 15.8 cu. ft
This glass door freezer has everything you need to display your frozen goods in optimum conditions for quality and sales! A true merchandising freezer, it's designed with a heat-safe double pane thermal glass door and adjustable shelves. Just make sure you arrange your selection well because it's going to be on display for all to see! Features: Upright commercial freezer designed to store and display products. Fully finished white cabinet for freestanding use. Self-closing door, ideal for busy commercial settings. Double pane thermal glass door with heat-safe design. Cantilevered wire shelves allow you to rearrange freezer space easily. Professional aluminum handle for an easy grip. Sturdy casters for smooth portability. Illuminated canopy light box lets you insert your own decal. Interior LED lighting provides full view of stored products. Internal fan ensures evenly cooled interior. Temperature range of -7F to 10F (-22C to -12C). Digital thermostat controls for precise temperature management. Temperature readout and controls externally located for convenience. Automatic defrost allows for reduced maintenance. 100% CFC free design with no ozone damaging chemicals. ETL-S and ETL-C listed to NSF standards for commercial use. . Specs: Dimensions: 27.2"W x 84.9"H x 26.2"D. Capacity 15.8 cu.ft. Exterior Depth with Handle: 27.5"D. Weight: 242 lb. Electrical: 10.5 Amps, 115 V AC, 60 Hz. Shelf Quantity: 4 (Adjustable). High Side PSI: 350. Low Side PSI: 180. Freon Type: R404a. Ships by freight truck, express shipping unavailable. Ships within 4 business days. One year warranty on parts and labor. Five year warranty on parts and labor.