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Asleep At The Wheel Cd

asleep at the wheel cd
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  • Cafe-Concert: The Song of the Dog, 1875-1877
  • into a sleeping state; "he fell asleep"
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asleep at the wheel cd - The Outlaw
The Outlaw Trail Collection DVD/CD 5 Discs
The Outlaw Trail Collection DVD/CD 5 Discs
Content Continued: DISC FOUR: Ridin the Outlaw Trail CD 1. Willie Nelson I Gotta Get Drunk 2. Asleep At The Wheel (Live) Miles And Miles Of Texas 3. Johnny Cash Wreck Of The Old 97 4. Steve Goodman (Live) City Of New Orleans 5. John Prine Angel From Montgomery 6. Becky Hobbs The Boots I Came To Town In 7. Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Down To Georgia 8. Dave Dudley Six Days On The Road 9. Eddie Rabbitt Drivin My Life Away 10. Merle Haggard Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down 11. Johnny Paycheck Take This Job And Shove It 12. Hoyt Axton Della And The Dealer 13. Jerry Jeff Walker Texas On My Mind 14. Amazing Rhythm Aces Third Rate Romance 15. Johnny Rodriguez Ridin My Thumb To Mexico 16. David Allan Coe Ruby Don t Take Your Love To Town 17. Bobby Bare Ride Me Down Easy 18. Ray Benson with Jessi Colter, Suzy Bogguss, Carlene Carter, & Holly Williams (Live) My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys 19. Marshall Tucker Band This Ol Cowboy 20. Ed Bruce The Last Cowboy Song
DISC FIVE: The Original Outlaws CD 1. Willie Nelson Crazy 2. Jessi Colter The Phoenix Rises 3. Waylon Jennings Crying 4. Johnny Cash Guess Things Happen That Way 5. Tompall Glaser Drinkin Them Beers 6. Bobby Bare Detroit City 7. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition Reuben James 8. Charlie Daniels Band Long Haired Country Boy 9. Jerry Jeff Walker (Live) Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother 10. Kris Kristofferson (Live) Broken Freedom Song
BONUS CD: 1. Ray Scott/Cowboy Troy/Joe Ely/Buddy Jewell/Lee Roy Parnell Wanted Man 2. Rodney Crowell / Will Kimbrough I Ain t Living Long Like This 3. Asleep at the Wheel / Ray Benson Folsom Prison Blues 4. Carlene Carter The Bitter End 5. Danny Shirley of Confederate Railroad Kingdom Come 6. Joe Ely Me And Billy The Kid 7. Raul Malo / John Bohlinger / Megan Mullins El Paso 8. Suzy Bogguss No Place To Go 9. Jessi Colter The Canyon 10. Del Castillo / John Bohlinger / Megan Mullins Rose of Cimarron 11. Del Castillo Here Lies An Outlaw 12. Buddy Jewell Big Iron 13. Lee Roy Parnell Crossin Over 14. Russell Smith / Buddy Jewell / Ray Scott King Of The Cowboys 15. Holly Williams / Megan Mullins Desperado 16. Ray Wylie Hubbard/Joe Ely/Jessi Colter/Walt Wilkins Desperados Waitin' For A Train 17. Raul Malo Bad Company

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Blast From The Past, From An Earlier Life...
Blast From The Past, From An Earlier Life...
About 15 years ago or so, I was a DJ of sorts... (Radio station "on-air talent", though it was just a community college station.) There once was a time, around 1989-1992 or thereabouts, where I wanted to work in radio. I wanted to be the guy whose voice you heard in between the music and commercials. I knew it didn't pay much, unless you were one of the ultra-popular morning show personalities, but I thought it was fun. I learned it was work, nonetheless. I took several semesters of radio production classes. I learned how to cue up records (On Technics SK-1200 or SL-1200 series turntables. All I knew was they were durable, reliable, and cost roughly USD$500 each.) I learned how to cut and splice reel-to-reel tape, how to record onto "carts" (Kind of like the old 8-tracks, but not quite.), I had access to sound effects, music and old jingle libraries, and I was able to pick most of my own music to play over the air, bringing a few favorites from my personal CD collection a few times a week for my hours in the studio. (And now, sadly, just about all of those skills are practically obsolete in the digital age. If you still play vinyl, if you scratch it or mix it, you have my admiration and respect. If you know what to do when a cassette tape snaps, or your reel to reel tape breaks, you're either me, someone who learned the same skills as me, or someone older than me. ^_^;) This is a promotional poster from one of my shows at the time. Yeah, I was a die-hard Back To The Future fanboy, if the artwork wasn't a dead giveaway. ^_^; Yeah, back around 1990, I drove a 1985 red (oxidized) Nissan Sentra 5-speed manual coupe. I had tons of fun with it until I fell asleep at the wheel one night after being up 20 hours straight, and plowed the car into a tree on the way back from a late night Rocky Horrror Picture Show presentation. (I was ok, car was totaled.) This poster was created by adding hand-drawn artwork to text and text frames traced and enlarged from a 8.5" x 11" print, from an ancient graphic design program called "Arts & Letters" After I wrecked my car, I tacked up a note to the poster encouraging people to wear seatbelts. Some punk took it upon themselves to deface the poster with stupid little blurbs like. "Thump, crash, car no more!" and other ilk. (Note the gratuitous Liquid Paper brushstrokes where I painted the offensive comments out.) I kind of miss those days. Thankfully, since I have a ton of jingles, listened to hours of airchecks from the pros, and I have a feeling for how the good old shows go, and of course, the power of the internet (And sites like Stickam and Ustream), I could make it a reality one of these days. Will I be one of those oldies show guys? Will I try to revive the joy of alternative music from the 1990s? Will I try to "relive" a life of clubbing I missed out on? Or will I try to be like my "heroes" Hank and Jim, and try to go for a classic-style "pirate radio" show? All that matters is that I have fun while I'm doing it. (And I really think I can do that. ^_^;) And with that, and all the writing and posting I've done hours ago, the energy is spent, the crystal is shattered, the soul jewel is dissolved, and I collapse, and drift into unconsciousness. Adventures will happen this weekend, one way or the other. Stay tuned, space travellers! Good night - Poster pics have been posted. Vinyl list has been updated. Battery for the Big Gun DSLR is charging. Memory card has been brute-force reformatted, because it was doing dumb stuff with the computer. I sleep now. (collapse) - Oyasumi, Lum-chan! Oyasumi, Julie Anne...
Christmas Mix CD Cover 2007
Christmas Mix CD Cover 2007
This is the cover and the track listing for our 2007 Christmas Mix CD. This is our seventh year for sending out Christmas Mixes as cards. We figured that since the girls enjoyed playing with the cardboard boxes their toys came in last year more than they enjoyed playing with the actual toys, this year they were only getting cardboard boxes. It's the most affordable Christmas we've ever had. Cardboard boxes are great gifts. They're inexpensive, easy to find, and they require children to quickly develop imaginations. At least that's what we're telling them. Here are some games they enjoy playing with their fancy new boxes: Fort Building, Paper LEGOS, Shipping Department, Staircase Surfboard, Living Room Mardi Gras, Disabled Vet. Hours of fun for pennies apiece. Happy Holidays from the Charlets! Too Fat for the Chimney-Papa Don Vappie's New Orleans Jazz Band Xmas in Jail-Asleep At the Wheel All I Ever Get for Christmas Is Blue-Over the Rhine Suddenly It's Christmas-Loudon Wainwright III Children, Go Where I Send Thee-Ralph Stanley Please Come Home For Christmas-Michael Doucet & Friends The Hat I Got for Christmas Ees Too Beeg-Mel Blanc Vive le vent-Henri Des O Holy Night-Al Green Merry Christmas-Wesley Willis Boudreaux Got Run Over by a Mudboat-Bayou Boudreaux Silver Bells-Wilson Pickett It Really Is (A Wonderful Life)-Mindy Smith Christmas to Christmas-Tanya Tucker Trim Up the Tree-The Who Village Choir Don't Believe in Christmas-Sonics I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas-The Three Stooges Run Rudolph Run-Mary Karlzen Joy to the World-The Blind Boys Of Alabama & Aaron Neville Under the Christmas Tree-The Honeydippers Christmas Tree On Fire-Holly Golightly I Farted On Santa's Lap (Now Christmas Is Gonna Stink for Me)-The Little Stinkers

asleep at the wheel cd
asleep at the wheel cd
High Quality Bismeaux Nelson Willie Asleep At The Wheel Product Type Compact Disc Country Music Domestic
Track Title. 1 Hesitation Blues. 2 Sweet Jennie Lee. 3 Fan It. 4 I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll. 5 Oh! You Pretty Woman. 6 Bring It On Down To My House. 7 Right Or Wrong. 8 Corrine Corrina. 9 I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World. 10 Shame On You. 11 South (Featuring Paul Shaffer And Vince Gill ). 12 Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon. It was just a matter of time before Willie Nelson cut a record with fellow Texan legends Asleep at the Wheel: Willie may duet with anybody who wanders onto his bus, but he and the Wheel have a shared background in Western swing, a background they explore thoroughly on 2009's Willie and the Wheel. If it seems like Willie and the Wheel should have cut an album together a little earlier than 2009, well, they almost did. During Nelson's seminal stint at Atlantic in the early '70s, producer/label head Jerry Wexler urged Willie to record a duet album with the Wheel, but Nelson left the label before it could happen. The idea was revived when Wexler saw Asleep at the Wheel open for Nelson in 2007 and soon enough, the two parties got together to run through a bunch of standards. Surprise isn't the order of the day on Willie and the Wheel; it's pretty easy to guess the songbook just based on the collaboration and sure enough, there's a hefty dose of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys -- "Right or Wrong," "Bring it on Down to My House," "Corrine Corrina" -- and a bunch of Milton Brown, Cliff Bruner, and Spade Cooley. Chances are, many of the songs would have remained the same if this had been cut back in the early '70s, but the spirit is much different. Back then, the teaming would have been the sound of young insurgents creating their own bridge to the past, but this is the sound of the old guard settling in and doing what they do best, laying back instead of pushing forward, enjoying each other's company instead of gearing up for a cutting contest.