Bike Crank Size

bike crank size
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bike crank size - Crank Brothers
Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function, Gold)
Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function, Gold)
CrankBrothers Multi-19 Gold Tool comes complete with 19 tools for common road and trail-side repairs. The Multi 19 has seven hex wrenches, four spoke wrench sizes, small and large Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a t-25 Torx driver for disc brakes, and a universal chain tool to tackle any task short of building a bike from loose parts. Lest we forget, there are also 8 and 10mm open wrenches, and to top it off, the whole deal comes packed in a neat, lightweight, durable aluminum hard case that slips inside your pack or toolbox with ease. Specs: Weight - 175 grams (w/o tool flask); Length - 3.5 inches; Frame - 6061-T6 aluminum; Tools - 6051 high tensile steel; Carrying Case - Stainless and polymer.

88% (16)
IMC2006-05 Bike
IMC2006-05 Bike
Bike 112 miles: 6 hrs 29 mins Someone handed me my swim-bike transition bag and ushered me into the change tent. The tent was pretty crowded, but the volunteers still managed to keep it organized. A lot of athletes were getting into a whole set of dry clothes, so I kept thinking I was missing something just pulling on my helmet and shoes. I stayed in my small ring for the first 20 mins or so, spinning blood back into my legs, and taking in a few bites of my Clif Bar. I like to salt my water and sports drink (Cytomax - cranberry grapefruit flavor) so on the bike I don't have to worry about popping salt pills seperately. I realized after Mclane Creek that I'd made the right decision swapping my cranks to a carbon compact (50-34). My power output was much more consistent, and averaged between 145-185 watts. It allowed me to stay in the saddle on the climbs, and take in nutrition on the longer climbs to stay fueled and hydrated. Richter Pass and Yellow Lake, seperated by what Duncan calls "the 10 bitches", were much easier than I expected, and cheering supporters made it even more enjoyable. It felt like ascending a mountain stage in the Tour. The best part was getting to the special needs bags around 120 km and pulling out my kamut bread cucumber/green onion sandwich. I noticed other athletes looking enviously at it as I chomped on it riding out of the station. I had a couple of cherry tomatoes as well, and a handful of wasabi flavored rice crackers. Yum! It's a long ride, and if I'm going to have to eat, I like to enjoy what I'm eating. Once past the summit of Yellow Lake, it was about 20 km of descent back to Penticton. I normally don't feel comfortable descending, but the grade wasn't steep. I cruised comfortably at around 45-55 kph and let my legs spin out for the run.
All about Madison's bike
All about Madison's bike
This is Madison at her first track national championships, with her custom Russ Denny track bike. It measures about 38cm, made of mostly scandium aluminum tubing Alpha Q carbon fork Chris King pink (breast cancer awareness) headset Titanium bottom bracket Mini LE 145mm BMX cranks, with a 36 tooth 3/32" chainring and purple alloy crank bolts 16 tooth Suntour cog (She spins as high as 160-170 rpm, natural cadence is 120) Izumi chain Shimano SPD pedals Suzue Pro Max hubs, 32 hole Alex DA28 deep dish 650c rims DT spokes with purple alloy nipples Continental GP3000 650c tires Bontrager carbon post Salsa seat binder clamp Terry Dragonfly saddle (pink) Salsa stem and Salsa Poco bars Chris King pink spacers and stem cap Deda pink cork bar tape BC 1606 computer She loves this little bike, and would ride it all day if she could! Riding is, as she says, dad time--meaning time she gets to spend with me exclusively. Madison got interested in track racing when she saw Sarah Hammer racing the January 2005 World Cup in LA. It was our first trip to ADT. A month later, she was taking the kids classes, but on a 43cm Fuji. She could barely touch the pedals or reach the handlebars, but persevered. She convinced mom that she needed her own bike, and mom buckled. UPDATE: Madison has outgrown this bike by a longshot (she can now ride my size medium LOOK KG496) so this bike is available if anyone is interested in purchasing it. Everything but the saddle and pedals are included. $1000 OBO.

bike crank size
bike crank size
Crank Brothers Speed Bicycle Tire Lever Tool
CrankBrothers Speed Lever Tool makes removing and replacing a bicycle tire quick, easy and safe -- and it does it much better than conventional bike tire irons. One side of the head looks like a conventional tire iron and is used to remove the tire. The other hooks over the rim to lever the tire back on after you patch it. The long handle portion is actually three telescoping sections that extend to allow snapping one end onto the axle to hold it in place while you rip the other end along the rim. Fits all wheel sizes and comes with a lifetime warranty. Specs: Weight - 31 grams; Length - Six inches; Material - Polycarbonate.