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Cross Bike Reviews

cross bike reviews
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cross bike reviews - Pacific Exploit
Pacific Exploit Men's Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)
Pacific Exploit Men's Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)
Pacific Cycle continues to lead the industry with innovative trail-conquering mountain bikes. Featuring a tough steel frame and front suspension that provides a smooth and reliable ride, no matter where you find yourself. And because its a Pacific Cycle bike, you know it features only quality components. Features: Steel mountain frame geometry for easy control Suspension fork smoothes the bumps and increases control Torque Drive twist shifter changes gears easily 18-Speeds with Torque Drive rear derailleur for easy shifting Steel linear pull brakes stop precisely 1-Piece crank offers wide gear range Steel wheels for control and durability Silver and Black finish Some assembly required

Whether you need a bicycle for riding through the city or are looking for a hard edge to take on bumpy country trails, the 18-speed Pacific Exploit mountain bike does is a perfect fit. It's equipped with a lightweight, hand-built, high-tensile steel tube frame and a Vortex front cross-country suspension fork to deliver confident control and a smooth ride over rough terrain. The Exploit also features 18-speed Torque Drive twist shifters, linear pull brakes, a one-piece crank set, an MTB riser handlebar and stem, a sport saddle, and 36-spoke silver rims with MTB hubs.
High-tensile steel tube frame geometry for easy control
Front cross-country suspension fork smoothes bumps and increases control
Torque Drive twist shifter changes gears easily
18-Speed Torque Drive rear derailleur for quick shifting
Steel linear pull brakes stop precisely
1-Piece MTB crank offers wide gear range
Steel wheels for control and durability
Size: 26 inch
Type: Men's mountain bike
Frame: Steel
Fork: Steel suspension
Rear Shock: N/A
Cranks: 1- Piece steel
Bottom Bracket: Ball-bearing large style
Front Derailleur: Falcon 3-speed friction
Rear Derailleur: Falcon 6-speed index
Shifter: FalconTwist
Brake Levers: Resin brake and lever
Brakes: Steel linear pull
Gears: Falcon 6-speed index
Rims: Steel
Tires: Schwinn 26 by 1.95 inches
Pedals: Resin MTB
Handlebar: Steel MTB riser bar
Stem: Steel Quill 1-Bolt
Seatpost: 28.6mm x 300mm
Seat: Padded MTB saddle
Headset: 1" steel threaded
Chain: KMC HP-20
Front Hub: Steel nutted
Rear Hub: Steel nutted
Spokes: 14G
Grips: Kraton soft MTB
Extras: Steel kickstand

81% (10)
Staging the Soma Double Cross
Staging the Soma Double Cross
I'll use this as an occasional commuter, and hope to do some light touring and maybe cyclocross racing in the near future. I'm excited about the build, and I JUST got the matching fork, which became available a couple days ago. I haven't seen many double cross bikes around, and I haven't even ridden one yet! Going off of reviews from friends and online, it sounds very similar to the cross check, but a bit lighter and "better" tange steel tubes. This is a 58cm, with general build list: - sugino compact double from velo orange - paul touring cantilever brakes - nitto randonneur bars - brooks b-17 special - basic wheelset of a stock cross check - 11/34 cassette - velo orange stem - silver king headset
N A R A : Deer Crossing
N A R A : Deer Crossing
A family of cross the street in Nara after waiting for the signal to turn. Long revered and protected as messengers of the deities, the city's approximately 1,200 sika deer (Cervus nippon Temminck) have roots stretching back at least to Nara's founding in 710. In 1957, they were made a government- designated Natural Monument, and today they are at least as much a symbol of the city and staple of its tourist economy as they are sacred animals.

cross bike reviews
cross bike reviews
Hunter Green Disciple's Cross Necklace
The dimensions of the cross are approximately 1" 3/8 tall x 1" across The cross is expertly handcrafted using size 3.0 Capewell Horseshoe nails and 22 gauge color coated copper wire. This allows for a smaller more refined looking cross. Each Cross comes with a fully adjustable necklace cord. When fully open, the necklace adjusts to approximately 26", but can also be drawn in small enough to be worn as a choker as well. All of my cross necklaces are 100% handcrafted by myself from start to finish. I have been making these necklaces for over 9 years. This cross will make a perfect inexpensive gift for your family member or special friend in Christ. NOTE TO BUYER: Shipping is $4.99 per item. Seller is NOT able to adjust this cost as this is part of the check-out process controlled by Amazon . If you are not comfortable paying shipping charges for this item please do not purchase.