Child wooden bike : Mini chopper bikes

Child Wooden Bike

child wooden bike
  • Stiff and awkward in movement or manner
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  • A bicycle or motorcycle
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Transportation Block Puzzle - 6 pictures on natural wooden cubes
Transportation Block Puzzle - 6 pictures on natural wooden cubes
This delightful Transportation Block Puzzle encourages analytical thinking. Caregivers and young children will be enthralled with matching the different images to create a larger puzzle picture. Six blocks make six different puzzle designs; bike, car, boat, train, helicopter and walking. The blocks are unfinished and the images are engraved, not painted. Each solid hardwood 2" square block is lightly sanded before it is engraved. This toy arrives ready to give in a cotton drawstring bag with a tag that includes a bit about our family business and care instructions. This purchase helps us plant a tree through Trees for the Future!
Hölzerne Fahrräder - wooden bicycles
Hölzerne Fahrräder - wooden bicycles
Auf dem Weg zur Schule rasen diese beiden Jungs den Berg auf ihren holzernen Fahrradern hinunter, naturlich ohne Bremsen. On the way to school these two boys are cycling down the hills on their wooden bicycles, of course without brakes.

child wooden bike