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Bicycle Touring Tire

bicycle touring tire
    bicycle touring
  • Bicycle touring is a form of cycling where riders travel long distances, prioritizing pleasure and endurance over utility or speed. Touring can vary from single day 'supported' rides -- e.g.
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bicycle touring tire - Kenda Kwest
Kenda Kwest Commuter/Recumbant Bicycle Tire (High Pressure, Wire Beaded, 26x1.5)
Kenda Kwest Commuter/Recumbant Bicycle Tire (High Pressure, Wire Beaded, 26x1.5)
The Kenda Kwest High Pressure Road is designed with a smooth rounded tread with large water dispersion grooves.
The Kwest High Pressure Road Recumbent tire is constructed of a steel bead and rates at a max of 100 PSI
Kenda does not endorse the use of any fluid-based sealant products in any Kenda tube-type or tubeless-type tires. Use of any fluid-based products will void any warranty claims
Item Specifications
Tire BeadSteel
ISO Diameter559 / 26" mtn
ISO Width38mm
Labeled Size1.5
Color Tread/SideBlack/Black
Tire TypeClincher
Tire Diameter26"
Tire UseRoad
Defined ColorBlack

76% (12)
Castelgrande at Dusk
Castelgrande at Dusk
On Friday, June 25, day 9 of our bicycle tour of the Alps, we rode from Airolo to Bellinzona, 37.9 miles. It was an easy ride, mostly downhill through Valle Leventina, roughly following the Ticino River. Phil was feeling somewhat sick, and I started to get a slight sore throat, both most likely due to dry air at Grimsel Pass two nights earlier. Upon reaching Bellinzona, we stopped briefly at a bike store so Piaw could get a replacement spare tire and replacement tubes. Phil also picked up a pair of SKS Raceblade fenders in case of future rain -- both Cynthia and I already had these fenders on our bikes, and they served us well earlier in the trip when we were riding from Munich to Austria. We checked into a hotel, Garni Moderno, fairly early in the afternoon, and then proceeded to explore the town on foot. Cynthia and I ended up wandering off on our own, first stopping to get a sandwich at a grocery store, then later finding a bookstore, where we bought a bicycling map of Switzerland, and finally ending up at an Italian restaurant, where we enjoyed a nice dinner along with a half a liter of wine. We discovered that a half liter -- two thirds of a normal bottle -- is a perfect amount of wine for two people. Half a bottle always seems like just a glass and a half apiece, really only enough for a taste, while a whole bottle often makes us more drunk than we'd like. The half liter size fits nicely in the middle, enough for a good time, but not enough to make us stupid. After dinner, we made our way back to our hotel and watched the sunset from our balcony. Also visible from our balcony, atop a rocky hill in the middle of town, was the Castelgrande. Shortly after sunset, lights turned on to light up the castle, and eventually the sky dimmed to a deep, rich blue. I used a Pedco UltraPod II to hold my camera steady on the railing of our balcony while I grabbed several images during the changing light. Panasonic GF1, 20mm pancake, 2.5 s at f/8, ISO 100. The image was a bit off-angle, so I used Hugin to straighten the verticals and remove the perspective distortion.
Pizza by the Pond
Pizza by the Pond
Tire Bale Retaining Wall!!! (Will be coated in plaster when done) Each bale weighs approx. 2,000 lbs and contains 100 tires! Wisconsin disposes of over 17,000 tires per day!!! Over half of those are burned in power plants which eventually ends up in our water supply. Instead, Let's Build Homes With Them!!!

bicycle touring tire
bicycle touring tire
Continental Top Contact Reflex Urban Bicycle Tire (700x28)
Continental 0100085 Top Contact Reflex 700 X 28 Urban Tire is ahead of its time thanks to new materials and design features. State-of-the-art polymers in the rubber compound, Vectran breaker belts under the tread for the best and lightest puncture protection available in bicycles tires today, and the prevailing German production quality all work to set the Top Contact apart from other touring tires. This tire was requested by the demanding German touring market, a German made tire for hassle free heavy duty touring mileage. The tire combines a tough construction with a touring specific tread pattern designed to roll well and provide good traction in adverse conditions at the same time. Two layers of Vectran fabric underneath the tread give unrivalled performance and puncture protection, with Vectran proven to be stronger and lighter than aramid belts. It also comes with Reflex reflective sidewall stripes. Specs: Weight - 410 grams; Recommended PSI - 80; Maximum PSI - 102; PU - 10.