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Baby Shower Invite Templates

baby shower invite templates
    baby shower
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baby shower invite templates - Diaper Baby
Diaper Baby Shower Invitations for Baby Girl - Set of 10
Diaper Baby Shower Invitations for Baby Girl - Set of 10
These cards are custom-printed. You choose the text for the front and the inside of the card.

All text will be centered horizontally and vertically. After your order has been placed, you will be contacted via e-mail to request the text for your cards. You will receive a text proof via e-mail for your approval before any printing is started.

These Diaper Invitations are simply adorable. They are folded up to look like a real diaper! These are particularly popular with Diaper-Themed Baby Showers.

These pink diaper cards measure 4 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide. They are sealed to form a pocket opening at the top of the card. The invitation text is printed on a white slip-in card, as shown.

This is a set of ten cards. White envelopes are included.

Matching Thank-You Cards are available.

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These cookies were made to match the invites for my baby shower. I made a template for them, and then cut each cookie by hand. I am really happy with the result. Thanks to Cookie Crazie for all of the tips and inspiration. :)
Baby Shower Goodies
Baby Shower Goodies
My friend - Melanie - took these shots at a Baby Shower she attended. They had MOO MiniCards on them :)

baby shower invite templates
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