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We have openings for :
  • Santa Rosa Area Coordinator!  Would you like to share your time to help learn more in-depth PTA info & share it with your area units to help them THRIVE!  We need YOU!
  • District Secretary
  • Outreach - help show your support - assist with setup, inform and meet new units, or support existing ones with the tools they need. 
  • Membership - spread the good ideas from our pool of knowledge -to other units with ways to grown membership,
Won't you join us & help others... while learning & meeting new folks in your area too!  Email for more info now.  14thDistPresident@gmail.com   


Can your facility host an Area Training meeting?

Valuable information for all board members is available!  We can always use area  meetings to host specific trainings for you & the other units in your area, to keep you current with government reporting requirements. We provide our interim trainings to convey this valuable information on an as-needed or relevant basis. 

Often these trainings cover taxes, audits, deadlines, documents, elections and other reporting "how-to's".  Be sure to also checkout our District Board roster, as well as Unit remittance forms to keep your files current! 

ALL in-Council (Cotati-Rohnert Park) units should contact their council for remittance forms, to submit dues & insurance, directly to council.


YOUR PTA ROSTERS should now updated online.

Please be sure to login to use the new PTAEZ Officer Contact list to make sure all officers are listed with a phone & email (if sharing duties, note who will do Membership, Historian (track volunteer hours), Reflections (art program).  The school/principal, as well as the three key officers should also list a mailing address as well.  You can make ANY changes to your PTA Board list throughout the year, (add missing information or enter a new board member's information if you recently filled a position). 

Email our Leadership team for your login if you do not have one yet.

The California State PTA does not recognize co-officers. “Co-officer” implies two people of equal rank sharing one position. In PTA, only one name may be listed for each office, and only one individual may vote. Bylaws may be amended to include additional officers to share the workload.          


Welcome to the 14th District PTA web site.  "Who is 14th District PTA?"  you might ask...  The answer may surprise you:

14th District is PTA at more of a county level.  Chartered in 1923, we encompass all of Sonoma, Lake & Mendocino Counties, California.  We currently serve over 50 unit (school site) PTAs, within 1 council (school district) PTA and 4 major Areas.  Together we are about 7,500 members strong. We have the pleasure and the responsibility of chartering new units throughout the county. We act as a conduit for information flowing from the unit and council/Area levels to the state level and vice-versa. We work in partnership with the Sonoma County Office of Education, and provide parental input on a variety of issues. 

The officers of 14th District PTA work closely with our council & areas leaders to ensure that they have the training, mentoring, information, and guidance they need to be successful leaders and advocates for their units.  In turn, the councils and area leaders provide these same services to their units.  

So, who is 14th District PTA?  We are the middle link in the chain of child advocacy that includes Units, Councils, DISTRICTS, States, and National PTA.  In short, we are you!

This web site is our main tool we provide for the edification of our members.  We also issue emails on upcoming or important matters for the various deadlines of our PTA unit officers, as well a general information to all board members from time to time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.  We hope you find it a valuable resource.