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Where To Replace Watch Battery

where to replace watch battery
    watch battery
  • A watch battery or button cell is a small single cell battery shaped as a squat cylinder typically 5 to 12 mm in diameter and 1 to 6 mm high--like a button on a garment, hence the name.
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What You Gonna Do?
What You Gonna Do?
What? Monty is a crime fighting vigilante again? I swear, I don't wake up thinking, "Let's round up some criminals, today," but today, I ended up making my first ever citizen's arrest! See, it was like this: I knew the Flames would lose (badly, I mean, without showing up and "trying" hard) so instead of watching the game, I volunteered to help Boy get his bike over to Paul, the "Speedsmith" motorcycle mechanic who's going to give Boy's Dakar its 20,000 km service. Paul's services are especially rare, and being served by royalty such as him is an exclusive privilege! The plan was to meet Boy at the main entrance to Chinook Centre, this huuuuge mall in south Calgary. I rode up, hooked up wih him, and while he was putting on his helmet, I rode back to the main intersection to have a peek at this barely-running but really cool-looking classic Honda CB parked in the shade on the sidewalk along the main drag. That's when these characters walked up. You could instantly see they were trouble. They played with the bike's throttle, had a look at its chrome, and seemed especially interested in the bike's sissy bar in that sort of "WTF is this thing for?" kind of way. I felt a bit uncomfortable watching them handle the bike, as it was a little too "hands on" for my liking. You never know what could break or what's being held together with duct tape or a strategic piece of wire on these old bikes! Then one of the kids, a native, 6'0", opened one of the bike's saddlebags. They were the really cool '70's type that open from the top, made of impact plastic, covered in a few Star Wars-type reflectors, and surrounded by chrome crash bars. Check this out, I could see one of the kids saying. Then the shorter of the two kids, a punk about 5'8", 18 years old, wearing a tan hoodie, came over and together they rifled through the contents of the saddlebags. Gloves, nah. Bungees, nah. Trickle battery charger/booster device? Yep. Under his arm it went, and together, they proceeded to walk towards the mall carrying someone else's property. I live down near Calgary's 17th ave, the Red Mile, where you routinely see punks and homeless types pushing shopping carts full of stuff you can be pretty certain came from wherever they could get their hands on it. I'm sick of it... ...so I quickly dropped my bike on its kickstand, shot boy a "hang on, I'm going in" hand gesture, and ran over to the punks. I halted them in the middle of the crosswalk, in the middle of the intersection. "Hand it over, NOW," I demanded. "Mind your f#@king business," the punnk said. He tried to go around me, but I stopped him. "Now," I said, holding out my hands to recieve the device. "Give it to me, or you're going down." The punk loaded back, intending to swing the device around and hit me. Seemingly in slow motion, I watched him swing. Wha? I thought. Maybe he thought he was being quick, but he was probably on his second joint for the morning. Not a good idea, dude! Can't you see I'm still wearing my helmet?? I punched him right between the eyes. I was going for his nose, but maybe he was shorter than I thought. He fell back and around, and I think I grabbed the hood of his hoodie and swung him around so he would be between myself and his indian pal (just in case). I punched him a few times. He turtled and went down to the ground, with me right there, ready if he tried something again. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll never do it again!" he called out, over and over. If only rehabilitation were that simple. His friend was about to move in, but I shot him the meanest "Back, now!" glance I could think of. He backed off to the sidewalk. "Hand it up!" I said, and he gave it to me. The punk handed me the charger. "Now, get out of here," I said. As I stood up, I suddenly noticed the strangest thing. Several cars were lined up, watching everything go down. For a split second, I forgot that I was pounding on these kids in the middle of the crosswalk. It was so funny-- I gave the driver an embarassed "Oops, oh, man, I'm soooo sorry about this" sort of gesture, and, he just shot back a look that pretty much said, "Oops, oh, hey, if someone's got to get beat up today, please, by all means, no worries-- do it in front of my car! I'm totally enjoying the show!" Hilarious. That was that, I thought. The crime has been prevented. All I wanted to do was walk the charger back to the old motorcycle and replace it in its saddlebags. That's when the punks lipping me off. "We're going to kick your ass!" they said, adding a few rude gestures, etc., and all sorts of stupidity. You can use your imagination... OK, then, maybe you haven't learned your lesson. I followed them into the mall and, seeing me come in, they took off runnning. Want to hear the strangest thing? They ran out of sight,
Nike-Hercules Christmas tree (65° Gr.I.T. Montichiari)
Nike-Hercules Christmas tree (65° Gr.I.T. Montichiari)
Christmas is an annual holiday celebrated on December 25 that marks and honors the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.Christmas is celebrated throughout the Christian population, but is also celebrated by many non-Christians as a secular, cultural festival. The holiday is widely celebrated around the world, including in the United States, where it is celebrated by 96% of the population. Il Natale e la festivita cristiana che celebra la nascita di Gesu il 25 dicembre, figlio della Vergine Maria concepito divinamente. Egli nacque da Maria a Betlemme, dove lei e suo marito Giuseppe si stavano recando per partecipare al censimento della popolazione organizzato dai Romani Nike-Hercules Missile, designation MIM-14 (initially SAM-N-25), was a solid fuel propelled surface-to-air missile, used by US and NATO armed forces for high- and medium-altitude air defense. It could also be employed in a surface-to-surface role. The Nike-Hercules system, a follow-up to the Nike-Ajax missile, was developed during the Cold War to destroy enemy bombers and enemy bomber formations, as well as serve as an anti-ballistic missile system. Western Electric, Bell Laboratories, and Douglas Aircraft Company were chief contractors for the system. Nuclear-armed Nike Hercules missiles were deployed in the United States, Greece, Italy, and Turkey, and with Belgian, Dutch, and U.S. forces in West Germany. Conventionally-armed Nike Hercules missiles also served in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Norway, and Taiwan.The first deployments in Europe began in 1959 and the last nuclear-armed Nike Hercules missiles in Europe were deactivated in 1988. The Nike-Hercules missile systems sold to Japan (Nike J) were subsequently upgraded the internal guidance systems by replacing the original vacuum tube systems with transistorized ones. The guidance and control area (Integrated Fire Control, IFC) was located a distance (about 1 mile) from the area from where the missile was launched (Launching Area, LA). The IFC had an acquisition radar to detect (enemy) aircraft. After detecting and identifying a hostile aircraft this aircraft was followed or tracked in elevation, azimuth and range by a Target Tracking Radar (TTR). An analog (later digital) computer computed a point in the sky where the missile and target should meet (intercept point). After the missile was launched by the Battery Control Officer (BCO) a Missile Tracking Radar (MTR) followed the missile and the computer constantly updated the intercept point even if the hostile aircraft performed evasive actions. Steering corrections were sent to the missile by the MTR. When the missile neared the intercept point a command signal was sent to the missile to explode. To measure the range to the target under jamming conditions the IFC also was equipped with a Target Ranging Radar (TRR). Il MIM-14 Nike Hercules e un missile di fabbricazione statunitense per la difesa antiaerea. Prodotto a partire dagli anni cinquanta fu in dotazione a molte forze armate che aderivano alla NATO. Il missile MIM-14 Nike Hercules, fece il suo ingresso nel 1958. Pesava circa 5 tonnellate, con 4 motori ausiliari molto simile al precedente sistema missilistico Ajax. Venne utilizzato anche tra le schiere dell'Aeronautica Militare Italiana, che equipaggio 3 stormi, complessivamente 96 lanciatori, con il suddetto sistema terra-aria. Al giorno d'oggi i MIM-14, sono stati tutti radiati con cerimonia ufficiale. Originariamente il missile venne chiamato SAM-A-25 Nike Hercules, ma poi nelle varie vicissitudini che ebbero le designazioni americane di quel decennio, venne ribattezzato M6, e infine MIM-14. Nel 1958 esso entro in servizio, rimpiazzando l'Ajax per le basi a difesa di New York, Chicago e Washington D.C.. Il nuovo sistema missilistico era quindi stato progettato per essere un'arma formidabile. Esso aveva prestazioni per l'epoca eccezionali, soprattutto in termini di gittata e di quota, tanto che i bombardieri pilotati stratosferici, anche se supersonici, vennero messi in dubbio, e dopo l'avvento di questo sistema non avrebbero piu avuto la stessa importanza di prima. La sua struttura, molto caratteristica, era aguzza e possente al tempo stesso, con un insieme di caratteristiche che lo rendevano unico tra i pur numerosi missili antiaerei dell'epoca. Esso era bistadio: il primo aveva ben 4 motori a razzo con propellenti solidi, riuniti in un complesso chiamato M42, studiato per ridurre la lunghezza del missile a valori accettabili, e realizzato con i motori di accelerazione (booster) M5E1. Esso era dotato anche di 4 ali cruciformi per la stabilizzazione. Questo complesso pesava da solo 2345 kg e dava quasi 80.000 kg di spinta per 3,4 secondi. Una volta finita la spinta, veniva sganciato per non appesantire inutilmente il corpo missile vero e proprio, di diametro minore, e che era dotato di una struttura a 'pallottola allungata', con 4 alette anteriori fisse, 4 grandi alette triangolari posteriori per la stabilita del volo

where to replace watch battery
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