Premier Design Watch : Double Wrap Strap Watch.

Premier Design Watch

premier design watch
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Premier Signia 7 Piece Set Walnut w/ Tama Octabans
Premier Signia 7 Piece Set Walnut w/ Tama Octabans
Premier Signia Maple Drum set Walnut Finish 7 peice Tama Octabans 6” A Custom Splash 6” Zil Bell 8” A Splash 13” K/Z Hi-Hats 14” A Mastersound Hi-Hats 16” A Medium Crash 17” A Medium Crash 17” A Custom Crash 18” A Crash / Ride 18” K Custom Session Crash 17” K China 20” K Custom Ride 20” A Ping Ride 20” A Pang Ride w/ Rivets 21” Z Mega-Bell Ride
jeans- old navy black turtle neck- wally white shirt- don't remember necklaces- premier designs watch-gift bracelet- premier designs my cheeks look especially "rosey' today. I think it's a combo of the cold dry weather and the cold that my dear hubby gave me.

premier design watch
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