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Road Bike Decals

road bike decals
    road bike
  • A bicycle that is suitable for use on ordinary roads, as opposed to a mountain bike
  • A road bicycle is similar to a racing bicycle. However, road bikes are built more for endurance and less for fast bursts of speed, which is desired in a racing bicycle. They usually have more gear combinations and fewer hi-tech racing features.
  • A bike with narrow tires best suited for paved roads. Usually noted by drop style bars.
  • A motorcycle that meets the legal requirements for use on ordinary roads
  • (Road biking) Road cycling is the most widespread form of cycling. It takes place primarily on paved surfaces. It includes recreational, racing, and utility cycling.
  • (decal) either a design that is fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design which is to be transferred to the surface
  • A decal or transfer is a plastic, cloth paper or ceramic substrate that has printed on it a pattern that can be moved to another surface upon contact, usually with the aid of heat or water. The word is short for decalcomania.
  • (DeCal) The University of California, Berkeley (also referred to as Cal, California, Berkeley, Cal-Berkeley, and UC Berkeley), is a public research university located in Berkeley, California, United States.
  • A design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface such as glass, porcelain, or metal
road bike decals - GIANT SPECIALIZED
GIANT SPECIALIZED Red Vinyl Sticker/Decal (Bikes.Bicycles)
GIANT SPECIALIZED Red Vinyl Sticker/Decal (Bikes.Bicycles)
This new,vinyl sticker is approximately 5" X 11" in size and is shown here inr RED. After applying, the clear cover is removed leaving only the die-cut vinyl sticker. There is NO clear or white background. In most cases the stickers are applied to the outside of windows (they stick to any hard, smooth surface) and are tough, car wash safe! They really look cool on car or truck windows or stick them to any smooth, hard surface. In many cases other colors or sizes are available so e-mail us if you have any questions. We ship immediately after payment and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Vitus – 1988 – Road Bike
Vitus – 1988 – Road Bike
- cranks and bottom - settle: selle san marco - wheels: roval with aero spokes - seatpost: SR with diameter 25,00 mm - shifters: modulo - front and rear derailleur: huret jubilee - chain: shimano HG 70 (it will be changed into regina superleggera, this one with the holes) - Handlebar: 3TTT superleggera, also the stem - sprocket: zeus aluminium 6 speed (The sound of the freewheel is fantastic) - Decals: the decals are still missing, It will be changed soon, with decals from RIH Austria, wien Let me drop some lines; for me it was important to built up the bike in that wy to reduce the wheight. I agree there is already a high potential to reduce it. But let me mark that the parts are hardly to find. If somebody could help for example with a seatpost from sakae extralight, a stem from sakae same model or with the named chain from regina drop a little note to the administrator of this group. Lot of article to change are in mass number available.
Paletti decals original
Paletti decals original
This decal set was sent to me from a nice man from Australia - for free !!! I had finished the restoration of the bike but used this SLX-model kit on the downtube of the bike. Palettis often have been quite "poppy" bikes - so even if it is not "all-original" ( concerning only repaint and decals - the bike itself is) this one is unique. And really a pretty good bike.

road bike decals