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20 Boys Bike

20 boys bike
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20 boys bike - Pacific Chromium
Pacific Chromium Boy's Dual-Suspension Mountian Bike (20-Inch Wheels)
Pacific Chromium Boy's Dual-Suspension Mountian Bike (20-Inch Wheels)
Pacific Chromium Boy's Dual-Suspension Mountian Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

Full of features to give your child a smooth and safe ride, the Chromium suspension frame and fork soak up bumps while introducing him to the sport of mountain biking. Equally at home on trails and paths, with a steel frame and three-piece crank to ensure long-lasting durability. Steel linear pull brakes let him stop on a dime and the 6-speed Torque Drive rear derailleur and twist shifters make for easy shifting. Steel wheels add to his control of the bike.
Steel suspension frame maximizes comfort and performance
Suspension fork smoothes the bumps and increases control
Torque Drive twist shifter changes gears easily
6-Speed Torque Drive rear derailleur for easy shifting
Steel linear pull brakes stop precisely
3-Piece MTB crank offers wide gear range
Steel wheels for control and durability
Size: 20 inch frame
Type: Boy's mountain bike
Frame: Steel
Fork: Steel suspension
Rear Shock: Coil
Cranks: 3-Piece steel
Bottom Bracket: Ball bearing
Front Derailleur: N/A
Rear Derailleur: Falcon 6-speed index
Shifter: FalconTwist index
Brake Levers: Resin bracket and Lever
Brakes: Steel linear pull
Gears: Falcon 6-speed index
Rims: Steel
Tires: Schwinn 20 by 1.95 inches
Pedals: Resin MTB
Handlebar: Steel MTB riser bar
Stem: Steel Quill 1-Bolt
Seatpost: 28.6mm x 250mm
Seat: Padded MTB Saddle
Headset: 1-inch steel threaded
Chain: KMC HP-20
Front Hub: Steel nutted
Rear Hub: Steel nutted
Spokes: 14G
Grips: Kraton Soft MTB
Extras: Steel kickstand

80% (12)
20" Boys' Wipe Out BMX Bike
20" Boys' Wipe Out BMX Bike
Excellent Condition Purchased at 80, asking for 40 Sturdy construction and reliable parts make the Wipe Out a perfect bike for kids who are just starting to ride out on their own. Cool detailing lends plenty of street cred among friends, while knobby all-terrain tires and a handbrake/coaster brake combo impart sure stopping for parental peace of mind. A solid value all around. Play it safe! Always wear a helmet and safety pads when you ride. See our recommendations below. Specifications: Frame type: BMX Frame material: Steel Gearing: Single speed Brakes: Front caliper hand brake and coaster foot brake Tires: 20" Black Additional features: Adjustable, quick-release seat post Spoke alloy rims Handlebar pads included Oversized 36-pound tubular frame Approved by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission For ages 6 and up
8th February 2008
8th February 2008
Boys on bikes outside Chemistry. Didn't really have chance to change or choose my camera settings. We went down to the Chemistry dept because Phil said there were some boys on bmx bikes there, backlit from the building. When we got there there was a security guy about to move them on, so I just had time for a couple of photos. I know that this photo doesn't show much expertise, but I liked the light and the shadow and the forms, and it's striking, even though badly executed (I could always recreate the other photos I took on the 8th), so I decided to make it the photo of the day.

20 boys bike
20 boys bike
Mongoose Strike Boy's BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels)
Do you know what a manual is? How about an endo? Perfect your tricks on the Mongoose® Strike 20" boys BMX bicycle. Built around a flatland-inspired low-standover frame, it features a 4-bolt stem and 48-spoke alloy wheels for durability. Front and rear alloy caliper brakes deliver clean stopping power, while bumper guards are added to the saddle for protection. Front freestyle pegs give you plenty of options for awesome tricks.

The Mongoose Strike boy's BMX bike is an ideal ride for junior freestyle riders. The bike is equipped with a handcrafted high-tensile steel frame and fork, giving riders good control whether riding on trails or the street. The bike also includes sure-stopping front and rear caliper brakes and extra-wide 2-inch tires that roll smoothly over both pavement and grass. And thanks to the cross bar pad and screened jump saddle--which includes bumper guards for protection--the Strike is safe and stylish. Other details include two-piece freestyle bars with an alloy four-bolt stem, 48-spoke alloy rims, a one-piece crank with a 44t steel cutout chain wheel, and two front axle pegs. The bike, which is designed for kids between the ages of 6 and 12, carries a one-year warranty.
About Mongoose
In 1974, BMX Products, Inc., later to be known as Mongoose Bicycles, launched from a humble garage. The first of its kind, the BMX bicycle was named after bicycle motocross and was designed to fit the needs of the rough-and-tumble dirt-racing pastime that took its toll on wheels and bicycles. The heavy-duty, one-piece cast-aluminum Mongoose Motomag wheel was soon born, and it was the first competition-ready BMX bicycle available. Skip Hess, while in Australia pursuing his motor sports passion, came into contact with a strange and unusual cat-size animal--the mongoose. Known for its passive nature while unprovoked, yet vicious and aggressive enough to kill a threatening Cobra twice its size, the Mongoose impressed Hess, who quickly registered the Mongoose trademark for his new bicycle racing frame.
The Expert BMX bicycle model, which is still a cornerstone of the Mongoose BMX line today, was introduced in 1980. Shortly after, Mongoose captured the first ever ABA National #1 Cruiser Title. Previously known for the 20-inch bicycle, this title signaled the re-direction of Mongoose bicycles to larger-wheeled, adult-sized models. Several years later, Mongoose continues to dominate the cruiser racing circuit with six National No. 1 Cruiser titles, leading to the introduction of adult-sized Mongoose all-terrain bicycles (ATBs).
In 1992, Mongoose pioneered the full-suspension market with the introduction of the Amplifier. This design is still the most-copied suspension design in the market. Several year later, Mongoose launched the Newman adult bicycle frame, which is proven to be 15% stronger than any other bike frame in the market. The design, while functionally sound, also raised eyebrows because of its distinctive look.
In the next few years, Mongoose increased its marketing focus to dominate the bicycle industry, and more important, extend beyond it. The Mongoose brand marketing initiative makes more than 100 million impressions. Mongoose’s brand awareness increased by over 130% in 1999 and solidifies the No. 2 market share position in units and dollars. Mongoose was acquired by Pacific Cycle, LLC, and continues to grow and prosper with more than 40 models of BMX, mountain, trail, freestyle, jumping, comfort, road, and cyclocross bikes.