Yellow Gold Belly Rings

yellow gold belly rings
    yellow gold
  • The most popular gold alloy. An alloy of gold, silver, copper, and often zinc.
  • Gold, also called golden, is one of a variety of orange-yellow color blends used to give the impression of the color of the element gold.
  • While pure gold is yellow in color, colored gold can be developed into various colors. These colors are generally obtained by alloying gold with other elements in various proportions.
    belly rings
  • Jewelry designed specifically for navel piercings. Belly rings are not always shaped like rings, though many are. Belly rings may have dangling charms, logos or colorful gemstones.
yellow gold belly rings - New 14g
New 14g CZ Flower 14k Yellow Gold Belly Button Ring
New 14g CZ Flower 14k Yellow Gold Belly Button Ring
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Wear this gorgeous flower navel ring to add a bit of shimmer to your outfit. White CZ stones are set in 14k yellow gold to form a sparking flower. A great look for any gal looking to grab a little attention.

Condition: New
Material: 14k Yellow Gold
Gram Weight: 1.2
Stone: White Cubic Zirconia
Stone Shape:
Gemstone Shape:
Gauge: 14 gauge
Inner Length: 1/2 inch
Top to Bottom: 3/4 inch (top to bottom)
Side to Side: 15/16 inch
Face Dimension:

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An Apulian Red-figure Patera with Anthropomorphic Handle Attributed to the Circle of the Lycurgus Painter: One of Perhaps Three Known Intact Terracotta Paterae to Survive from Antiquity
An Apulian Red-figure Patera with Anthropomorphic Handle Attributed to the Circle of the Lycurgus Painter: One of Perhaps Three Known Intact Terracotta Paterae to Survive from Antiquity
Terracotta, Late Classical, mid-fourth century B.C.E., Attributed to the Circle of the Lycurgus Painter by A.D. Trendall Condition: Good; little loss of added white; ocher paint on handle abraded in places. H. 47 cm.; Diam. (of bowl) 26 cm. Although terracotta casts made from metal handles are fairly common in Apulia, especially from the tombs at Canosa, complete paterae, consisting of a shallow bowl decorated in red-figure and attached to a handle in the form of a youth with upraised hands, are rare; only two other examples are so far known, both rather later in date. One of these was once on the New York market (RVAp, Suppl. II, p. 284, no. 27/72-1, pl. LXXIV.4); the other is in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam (3573). The handle of our vase consists of a nude youth with long, curling hair; both his arms are upraised to support the attachment to the patera; there are two vent holes behind, one in the middle of his head, the other in the small of his back. His body is covered with ocher-yellow paint, either to stimulate gold, or as a preparation for gilding. The shallow bowl of the patera is decorated internally with a frontal head of Medusa in the tondo; it is encircled by a wreath of white vine leaves, with grapes in clusters of three, around a band of wave pattern. The Gorgon's head is shown fully frontal; the eyes, nose, and mouth are carefully drawn, and the hair is shown as a mass of curls, enlivened by brushed glaze. Above the brow is a black-dotted diadem, with three leaves in added white and yellow set in the hair above it. She has white earrings and two pairs of snakes are entwined around her head; one pair is knotted at the throat, the other emerges on either side of the head, partly concealed beneath the hair. Their mouths are open; their bellies are white and their bodies decorated with a row of black and white dots. The underside of the patera has a low, reserved base ring and a border of veined laurel leaves, with white berries on a long stem between them. This vase is not easy to place, since the design is highly stylized and fully frontal faces are comparatively rare in Apulian vase painting; those which regularly appear on the necks of large volute kraters are normally turned slightly to the left or to the right. A Gorgon head on an oinochoe in Bochum (S 1010), from the Group of the Dublin Situlae, is comparable, though here the snakes are entwined in the hair, as well as encircling the neck. Closer perhaps are the frontal female heads (1) in the tondo of a dish formerly on the London market (Sotheby's, London, Antiquities, sale cat., May 20, 1985, no. 382, pl. 40.1.) and attributed to the Lycurgus Painter, on which the eyes show the same touch of added white as on our vase and on several others by the same painter, and (2) on the underside of the base of the situla in New York (Metropolitan Museum of Art 56.171.64). The laurel wreath with veined leaves and white berries that encircles the back of our vase is repeated on RVAp I, no. 16/2 and 12. These comparisons suggest that our vase should probably be associated with the Lycurgus Painter around the middle of the fourth century B.C.E. A rather later version of the same subject is found on an oinochoe in Taranto (Museo Archeologico Nazionale 61501). Formerly in the collection of Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman, New York; text from the catalog of that collection. From the collection of the Getty Villa, Malibu, California.
Great Vancouver Zoo Volunteer Day-2325
Great Vancouver Zoo Volunteer Day-2325
Addax Aoudad Baboon ~ Yellow Bear ~ Black Bear ~ Grizzly Bison Blackbuck Boa Constrictor Boar ~ Wild Caiman ~ Spectacled Camel ~ Bactrian Camel ~ Dromedary Capybara Caracal Cattle ~ Ankole-Watusi Cattle ~ Zebu Cheetah Chinchilla Coati Cougar Coyote Crane ~ Crowned Crane ~ Demoiselle Crane ~ Eurasian Crane ~ Sandhill Deer ~ Black-tailed Deer ~ Fallow Deer ~ Pere David's Deer ~ Sika Deer ~ White-tailed Eagle ~ Bald Eland Elk ~ Roosevelt Emu Flamingo ~ Caribbean Flamingo ~ Chilean Fox - Arctic Frog ~ Asian Painted Frog ~ Oregon Spotted Frog ~ Poison Dart Frog ~ White's Tree Gecko ~ Bibron's Gecko ~ Leopard Gecko ~ Tokay Giraffe Goose ~ Egyptian Goose ~ Emperor Goose ~ Nene Goose ~ Red-breasted Goose ~ Snow Guanaco Guineafowl ~ Helmeted Guineafowl ~ Vulturine Hippopotamus Horse ~ Miniature Ibex Iguana ~ Green Jaguar Kulan Lemur ~ Ring-tailed Lion ~ African Lizard ~ Giant Plated Lizard ~ Saharan Spiny Tailed Lizard ~ Yellow-throated Plated Lynx ~ Eurasian Mara Marmoset ~ Geoffroy's Monitor ~ Ornate Nile Monkey ~ Squirrel Moose Muskox Nilghai Oryx ~ Scimitar-Horned Ostrich Owl ~ Great Horned Parrot ~ African Grey Parrot ~ Blue & Gold Macaw Parrot ~ Green-winged Macaw Parrot ~ Yellow-naped Amazon Peafowl Peccary ~ Collared Python ~ Albino Burmese Python ~ Ball Python ~ Burmese Raccoon Reindeer Rhinoceros ~ White Schneider's Skink Senegal Bichir Sheep ~ Bighorn Snake ~ Sinaloan Milk Stork ~ Marabou Sugar Glider Swan ~ Black Swan ~ Mute Swan ~ Trumpeter Swan ~ Whooper Tiger ~ Siberian Toad ~ Oriental Fire-bellied Tortoise ~ African Spurred Turtle ~ Red-eared Slider Turtle ~ Snapping Turtle ~ Softshell Turtle ~ Yellow-bellied Slider Wallaby ~ Red-necked Wolf ~ Arctic Wolf ~ Vancouver Island Yak Zebra

yellow gold belly rings
yellow gold belly rings
14K solid yellow gold 8-petal flower belly button ring
There is so much rich detail in this solid 14K navel ring. The petals are skillfully made from sparkling cubic zirconia, and each one is tipped with a 14K gold accent. This belly button ring is perfect for a sunny Spring day or for any day when you wish it would stop raining. Because this luxe body jewelry comes with its own gift box, you have no excuse not to give it to your favorite pierced princess.

Material: 14K solid gold
cubic zirconia
Gauge: 14
Type: belly button ring
Length: 7/16" (11mm)
Ball size: 3/16" (5mm)

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