Black Hills Gold Frog : Gold Jewel.

Black Hills Gold Frog

black hills gold frog
    black hills
  • mountains in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming; sacred to the Sioux (whites settling in the Black Hills led to the Battle of Little Bighorn); site of Mount Rushmore
  • * Black Hills in South Dakota and Wyoming ** Black Hills Airport in Spearfish, South Dakota ** Black Hills Gold Rush in South Dakota from 1874-1877 ** Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota and Wyoming ** Black Hills Playhouse, a theater in South Dakota ** Black Hills State University in
  • A mountain range in eastern Wyoming and western South Dakota. The highest point is Harney Peak (7,242 feet; 2,207 m); Mount Rushmore is also part of this range
  • The Black Hills (Paha Sapa in Lakota, Mo??hta-vo?honaaeva in Cheyenne) are a small, isolated mountain range rising from the Great Plains of North America in western South Dakota and extending into Wyoming, USA.
    gold frog
  • The Brazilian Gold Frog (Brachycephalus didactylus), also known as Izecksohn's Toad, is the smallest frog in the Southern Hemisphere. It was previously called Psyllophryne didactyla.
black hills gold frog - Black Hills
Black Hills Gold Frog Slider
Black Hills Gold Frog Slider
Mount Rushmore Black Hills Gold Butterfly, Frog and Cat Necklaces! SAVE BIG BUCKS! Get in touch with nature in classic American style! Each boasts traditional Black Hills Gold with 12k gold, pink and green leaves. Incredible American-made quality to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Black Hills Gold jewelry actually becomes brighter and prettier the more it's worn. Easy to clean with soft brush and mild soap. Comes in an attractive clamshell-style gift box. Order Today! Sterling silver 1/2"w. x 1 1/4"h. pendant with 12k gold accents. Suspended from a 20" sterling silver chain. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Black Hills Gold Butterfly Necklace; Black Hills Gold Cat Necklace - word search in our store for 'Black Hills Gold'. Black Hills Gold Frog Slider

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Home to the Brecon Elves
Home to the Brecon Elves
These are the Black Mountains, a short, ear-popping drive from Hay-on-Wye, and the weather is more or less typical, in our experience. It is best to wear at least your underpants inside-out when negotiating this countryside, since the local Little People are said to be particularly tricksy. As you can see, an invisible one is sitting on that fencepost in the foreground, wondering how to jinx my camera. I wrote this song lyric quite a few years ago, before I had ever seen the Brecon Beacons national park. THE BRECON ELVES Prologue: A poor shepherd lived on the hillside, Way up in the high Brecon hills; He lived where the grouse chuckled softly, Far from the sound of the mills. He came home one morning for breakfast And he found that his kitchen was clean; Sitting down by the dogs of the fire Was an elf, clad in scarlet and green. He gave the elf thanks for his housework As he warmed his cold toes by the hob, He offered the elf buttered kippers And the elf stuffed them into his gob. The elf, he departed with bowing, “Alas, I am poor, and I’m old,” The shepherd said, “else I would pay you With a round sovereign of gold.” The shepherd went out for the shearing, He said, “I’ve a stone in my shoe,” He emptied it out on the heather – ‘Twas a sovereign shiny and new. So he went to the folks in the village And he told them, “Be kind to the elves, For they’ll always do you a favour With never a thought for themselves.” Now the people believed this strange story, But I think it sounds dubious, don’t you? ‘Twas a happy tale told by the shepherd, But it wasn’t entirely true: Non was the wife of Morgan, She was a kindly soul; An elfin lass came by one day, So she offered her a bowl Of lovely soup, ‘twas piping hot, But hearken what resulted: For she said, “I’m an elfin queen, And now I feel insulted! I’ll tell my subjects, one and all And they’ll play merry hell! I’ll have them pilfer all your plates And all your food as well!” Chorus: And if you will not serve us well, Why, we will serve ourselves! Don’t try to make us go away! We’re the nosy Brecon Elves! Then all was silent on the farm Until the break of day, ‘Twas then poor Morgan realised They’d led the cows astray, They’d stolen all the horses’ shoes, The milk-churns overturned; He couldn’t even light his pipe – The match-heads were all burned. They’d hurled the crockery down a cliff And watched it fall pell-mell, They’d piddled on the furniture, It left an awful smell! Chorus And when poor Morgan tried to dress They’d pinched his underpants; He wanted honey on his porridge But they’d filled the pot with ants. He cried, “We’ll have to see a witch! She’ll tell us what to do!” But he got a shock when he tried to stand – His bum stuck down with glue. “I’ll wring their scrawny little necks, The witch will cast a spell! That shepherd said the elves were kind! Oh! What a fib to tell!” Chorus “See here! You must pretend to leave!” Said the wily witch, “Pack your cart with furniture, And clothes, take every stitch! And when you’ve gone across the river Then you may turn back!” And so poor Non and Morgan Rolled the cartload down the track, But when they stopped to turn around Poor Morgan cried, “Oh hell! A ton of luggage is in this cart And all the elves as well!” Chorus But when it came to harvest time They had a cunning plan, And Morgan said, “I’ll need some help – More’n twenty man!” Non said, “More than twenty men? Why then, they must be fed, But we’ve no meat, so they must eat Some roasted frog instead. And we’ve no spinach nor spring greens, No peas inside the shell; We’ll boil up daisy petals, then, And they’ll serve just as well!” Chorus The elves sat at the dining table, But when they heard Nod’s words, They curled their lips disgustedly, They said, “That’s quite absurd! Roasted frog for twenty men? The woman must be joking! And daisy petals for our greens?” They coughed, and started choking. “We’ve driven them to poverty; Let’s leave them for a spell – Let’s try the Joneses down the road; They’re bound to feed us well!” Chorus Source material: Eirwen Jones, Folk Tales of Wales, London, 1947, pp. 50-56.
Black Hills, South Dakota, July 2004
Black Hills, South Dakota, July 2004
A ribon of highway in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I remember telling Tammy several times while on this trip how much I'd love to bicycle these roads some day. I believe I will.

black hills gold frog
black hills gold frog
Black Hills Gold Angel Tie Tack or Lapel Pin
Express your faith with this solid sterling silver angel tie tack or lapel pin. Genuine 12K Gold hand engraved leaves in 12K pink and 12K green. Includes silver plated secure tension clutch back. Measures ?" long x over 3/8" wide. Stamped on back C.Co, STER, 12K. Black Hills Gold is hand crafted the Black Hills of South Dakota. USA Made! Black Hills Gold is backed by a MANUFACTURE'S LIFETIME GUARANTEE. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your Black Hills Gold, and this card includes all the information you need for your lifetime warranty. Your jewelry will ship in a gift box.

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