Gold Toe Cushion Foot Fluffies. Red And Gold Flower.

Gold Toe Cushion Foot Fluffies

gold toe cushion foot fluffies
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Fluffy - 22 June 2006
Fluffy - 22 June 2006
Here's a photo of Fluffy in a common pose - sacked out on the sofa. This is a cat who knew how to relax. On Saturday, 17 June 2006, just a few days before this photo was taken, Fluffy had a seisure that was likely caused by brain tumors. He was convulsing for at least two to three hours (he was already twitching when we came home from food shopping) and then suddenly he stopped convulsing but he couldn't move his left leg or left arm very well. He didn't seem to have any feeling in his back rear leg. I thought he may have had a stroke, based on his symptoms. He may have. Over the next few days he seemed to be getting better - he was able to walk a little and feeling seemed to have returned to his legs, but the steroidal pills that he was prescribed seem to have disagreed with his system, because he was getting totally sacked out whenever he took them, but then he'd bounce back a few hours later. The day this photo was taken he didn't bounce back, so we took him to see the vet. Of course by the time we got him there he was up and about again, alert and seemingly fine. The next day he laid down to sleep and when he woke up he could hardly walk. He was scuttling around on the ground a little, but over the next few days he lost more and more of his motor functions and this morning, before he was put to sleep, he pretty much couldn't move except to twitch his lets a little.
I know, I thought it was the end of summer so there would be no more dandy pictures from me this year. Well...give me the challenge of fluffy and what else I'm going to shoot - one of my animals??? Ok, ok - I DID shoot one of the animals (below) but then the dandy presented itself on the morning walk today, so I thought I'd do a rehash and add a wee bit of textures since I'm not much of a texture kinda girl. Not sure if I did it correctly - just used one of the papers I bought quite a while ago. for ODC's challenge: FLUFFY ~ 248/365 ~

gold toe cushion foot fluffies
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