How To Get The Best Price For Gold - Whey Gold Standard Protein.

How To Get The Best Price For Gold

how to get the best price for gold
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Matt Price and Paul Sarkeny
Matt Price and Paul Sarkeny
Thanks Mark Lowell, who is taking truly historical ongoing photos of life at the largest complex of Scientology lifetime staffers in the world. Each of Mark's photos are historical, and include the long term lifetime staffers of the movement. Thanks Mark! At first this looked to me like Joe Caneen left, and Hank Gould on the right. But some ex Gold staff corrected me, and this is Matt Price on the left and Roy Sarkeny on the right. Looks like they are setting up for some upcoming event or a shot for a church video shot, since they are using a Metro (subway) car. Looks like a video filming prepping setup, because the blue screen is positioned for later eventual use for SFX insertion of whatever it will be that they insert as the background for this video/film shot. Regarding Joe, who this isn't, but Joe did in earlier years, for years and years, he's done massive amounts of things for the LRH tech films all through the years, but I think Joe's moved out of the Sea Org now. Not sure what Hank's up to these days. I think for the 2000 millennium event, even though Joe had been demoted to the Int RPF, at that moment, the church still pulled up one of Joe's earlier concepts, which was a history with interviews of the staff who worked with LRH during that brief timeslot when LRH was relatively safe from process servers, and government investigators, when LRH was at La Quinta, CA, doing his hairbrained church training films. Joe who in the 1990s was in the video production area, Joe who lived some of those La Quinta years, Joe decided to do a "source" bio video piece, and Joe in the late 1990s then scripted and helped produce probably one of the most liked video history pieces of LRH's life at La Quinta and Joe's production interviewed a good number of people who were Int Base staff discussing their lives with LRH, which was sort of a highpoint presentation of behind the scenes stuff about LRH, his final years of interaction with Cine crew and the messengers and staff around him. The public liked that video historical piece, above most of the other stuff the church came out with about LRH's life. I mention all this, only to give an example of how good people working in the Sea Org, do some bright ideas, that they are proud of, and it unfortunately gives their life meaning and makes it harder to quit the cult, when they finally come around to recognizing how hollow the actual promises of the whole operation are. Too bad that particular video work of Joes hasn't made it on the internet though for everyone to see. It shows lots of ex Int staffers talking about their firsthand experiences with LRH, and it was a highly well received video bio piece, probably one of the all time best internal cheerleading pro LRH bio video productions ever produced by any Golden Era Production staffers. Joe deserves credit for that! Joe's a pretty good guy, and I liked working with him the few times I worked with him. Also I liked working with Hank when Hank was the brooding serious INCOMM Security Chief back in the 80s and 90s. Hank got ousted from INCOMM when the big RTC mission came to find the "plant" in INCOMM in Dec 1994-the first half of 1995. Dan Garvin wrote about that Mission, which was just a drastic overkill mission internal punishment, just way beyond normal, the whole of INCOMM was locked down, people not allowed to leave the rooms they were being interrogated and watched and allowed to 'write up their crimes" in. RTC was looking for a plant/enemy/traitor, and within a month or so, they narrowed it down and found the person, who ended up getting 5 years of confinement and interrogations. Hank had failed to suspect and nail the plant/traitor; so not only Hank, but about 95% of INCOMM staff were demoted to other Sea Org organizations, many to the RPF, some to ASHO, etc, and most to the PAC Base Crew org that maintains the buildings there in LA. Joe also was the receipt point of many of LRH's early tech film despatches, he's a long term Cine person, worked on various earlier versions of the LRH tech films that were later revised. God, everybody in the Sea Org has a story that goes all over the place into the weirdities of the authoritarian Sea Org lifestyle within the penalty minefield system Hubbard left the Sea Org members stuck within. Joe to me, is an example of someone creating some good out of Hubbard's overall authoritarian setup. Chuck Beatty ex Sea Org staffer, 1975-2003 412-260-1170
The Long Kiss Goodnight
The Long Kiss Goodnight
"The Long Kiss Goodnight" (movie) After first reading the articles on the Iranian Assassination plot, and reading all the ..."they did this"... "No we didn't" type of insanity..... I had wondered if this was not something that Obama has constructed to get yet another one of his little wars started. Like his "non-war" with Libya, his aid of military "advisers" to Uganda, like the covert "Operation Fast and Furious". It would be an interesting gambit for sure.... And knowing Obama's Love for manipulating Executive Orders, and the United Nation, all to bypass Congress, and the American Voters, and the Constitution.... puts it well within the realm of possibilities. But, I do think that the Iranian assassination plot being "Created" as a means to an end... is well within the realm of possibilities... especially with Obama's history of his manipulations of getting the United States involved in his little wars and bypassing Congress and the Constitution. . Whether to start a war with Iran by manipulating the United Nations and end the Iranian's nuclear threat.... or to gain political power for the next "four more years" or, perhaps, both or neither... I do think that Obama's uses and abuses of the power of the Presidency of the United States should be closely monitored. Perhaps Obama has watched "The Long Kiss Goodnight" move and took a few pages of its plot to heart. ??! In the Movie - The main character uncovers a covert "false flag" plot to detonate a chemical bomb in downtown Niagara Falls, New York, to frame "Islamic terrorists" for the crime, and thus secure more funding. Although I am no fan of any war, or Iran - I know that peace and freedom do not come without a price - However Obama's over use of his presidential Powers to bypass congress - is a very dangerous move. Even if the Iranian Assassination Plot is real.... Bypassing the Constitution of the Unites States to accomplish an Agenda - without Congress and the will of its people, installs nothing but distrust - And it deteriorates the very Heart of what America stands for.

how to get the best price for gold
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