Gold toe fluffies socks - White gold diamond earrings.

Gold Toe Fluffies Socks

gold toe fluffies socks
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gold toe fluffies socks - Gold Toe
Gold Toe Men's Cotton Fluffies Casual Sock, Khaki, Size 10-13
Gold Toe Men's Cotton Fluffies Casual Sock, Khaki, Size 10-13
Reinforced at the heel and toe for longer, more comfortable wear Constructed from: 83% Combed Cotton, 16% Nylon and 1% Spandex Combed Cotton indicates that this cotton is Extra-soft Available colors include: White, Black, Brown, Navy and Charcoal Gray and Khaki Gold Toe is the standard in comfort, fit, and durability. Gold Toe Socks are made with only the finest yarns and are carefully reinforced at the heel and toe for longer, more comfortable wear. Toe seams are specially flattened for a smooth fit in shoes. Heels are well rounded for gentle support and a comfortable fit. Machine washable and dryable for easy care. When cotton or another fabric is "combed," the shortest, additional fibers of a batch are removed. The result produces high-quality yarns with excellent strength and softness. Fits shoe size 6 - 12 1/2.

77% (5)
New Family Portrait
New Family Portrait
This goes into the Work in Progress set because seriously. Still need to upholster the couch, for one thing. The other things the kids will tell you about... Left to right: Erin: Hi! I gots a new wig called Penny. It's s'posed to be the same golden strawberry as my sister's but it's lighter. That's ok, 'cause I'll know if she takes it. I'm wearing a pretty Kelly dress and Kelly MJs that are too big for me. And I'm sitting on Dillon's lap but Jenna's not. Dillon: Think I could get a wig that's not so girly? I think I might have liked the Danny Partridge look better. This is Faith by Monique Gold in Brown with blond streaks. I don't know how anyone's supposed to see where they're going under these bangs. Woulda gotten Jojo, but the colors are even worse. And now this crazy chick I live with is telling me we might try something called "Pretty Girl". WTF? If I didn't like the girls so much (when's Ciara going to start talking to me anyway?), I would be so outta here. The only thing she's tried to make for me is a sneaker so I've got this one muslin upper on my foot, but she doesn't even have any pants for me so I'm wearing yellow satin bloomers from a Madame Alexander Sleeping Beauty! Can you believe that sh-- Jenna: [interrupts] Hey, how come Erin gets to sit on Dillon's lap? I'm pretty in my Penny wig, huh? I got a pretty Kelly dress on, but my feet are stuffed into these MJs that are too small and you can't even see 'em in the picture. Sydney: I got a new Lexy wig in Golden Strawberry, but the bangs are too long. Hope I get a trim soon. I'm wearing the new prototype the sewing lady just made for me. She could have finished it. There's a pin in my butt. I'm the only one here who doesn't have shoes. Well, except for Dillon, but at least he's got one sort of shoe. Dana: I've got this Lexy wig that was waiting for me when I got here. I really like it, even if two of my little sisters are copying me. I found a stretchy Barbie Tshirt and stretchy Ken pants in a bag of old clothes, which is cool because I heard it takes a long time to get clothes around here. I got shoes, though. They're size 46 "Splendid Ankle Strap" MJs by Monique. They're a little bit big, but I think they'll be good with socks. I hope I get my face painted soon. Dillon and Jenna need painting too. Erin's got some kind of smudge on her face. I think Ciara's sealer chipped, but I didn't tell her... I think she's nervous around Dillon. Brigit: I got the Lexy wig that Syd and I have been sharing. Now it's all mine. I'm wearing my prototype that the sewing lady made and then lost the pattern for. She's messy. She said she learned a valuable lesson, but I don't think that means she's not going to be messy anymore. I've got white MJs from JR Toys House on eBay. They're for Blythe when she has socks and they're too small for me. When I try to take them off my magnetic feet come off too and it's hard to get them out of the shoes. I'm 'fraid the sewing lady's gonna break my toes off or something. Ciara: I got a pretty new Ginger wig today. It's blonde with brown streaks I could do without. I wish it was the same golden blonde my sisters have, but it's ok. Actually, when I first put it on, I thought it was kinda Buffy. You know, like Season 6 Buffy before she cuts it short. I love Season 6. Maybe we're just watching too much Buffy lately. The sewing lady likes to watch it while she does handwork. Oh, I got new MJ's too. They're like Dana's 'cept size 54. I don't know which one is made wrong, but one of them is a little short and hurts my big toe a little. Maybe they'll stretch. I'm still wearing Bronte's pink teddy. Which is kind of embarrassing with Dillon around, but at least I have something to wear which is more than I can say for him. Poor Dillon. He's not very happy. As fluffy as this wig is, I sort of think maybe they should try Paris for him instead of Pretty Girl. But I don't know. I think they should definitely do his face first because I think having eyebrows makes a really big difference in how things look.
fluffy cheesecake : rj patisserie
fluffy cheesecake : rj patisserie
picked up a delicate and light fluffy cheesecake from RJ Patisserie today. since the girls are here visiting for the day, i thought it would be nice to have an afternoon snack after their nap. although i do love american style cheesecakes, i love the asian style ones even more. it's not as dense or heavy but still has a nice cream cheese flavor. it's light enough to not feel so filled up but substantial enough to feel like you're not eating air. RJ Patisserie is a really nice bakery with some GORGEOUS cakes but pricey as well. their cake designs are really elegant and artistic. i will get a few sliced ones this coming week for photo opps but i need volunteers for consumption since i can't or er....shouldn't eat all this stuff i buy to shoot. haha.

gold toe fluffies socks
gold toe fluffies socks
Gold Toe Men's Fluffies Casual Sock, Navy, Size 10-13
Need a sock that's thicker than the traditional dress sock and compatible with jeans and slacks? Then try the Gold Toe Fluffies casual wear sock. A versatile style that can double as a dress or casual sock, making dressing for work or play easy! The Gold Toe Fluffie is a heavier gauge sock that wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and cozy all day long. This popular Gold Toe sock has a ribbed texture and a carefully reinforced heel and toe area to ensure long lasting wear. Gold Toe Fluffies consist of plush, soft acrylic for a silky light feel and stretch nylon for some "give". Both fabrics combined supply comfort and long lasting wear. Gold Toe is the standard of quality in comfort, fit and durability.This sock measures 10" from the heel seam to the top of the sock.Gold Toe offers this style in mid-calf and king crew length sizes.Make Gold Toe your trusted brand for years to come!Taking care of your Gold Toe socks is easy! Machine wash with like colors. Tumble Dry low. Wear Often!

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