Gold Number 4

gold number 4
    gold number
  • Gold number is a term used in colloidal chemistry.It is defined as the minimum amount of lyophillic colloid in milligrams which prevents the coagulation of 10 ml gold sol against 1 ml of 10%NaCl solution.
  • four: being one more than three
  • Derek Lamar Fisher (born August 9, 1974) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. His NBA career has spanned more than 14 years, during which he has won 5 NBA Championships.
  • four: the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

Tagetes is a genus of 52 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family (Asteraceae or Compositae). They are native to the area stretching from the southwestern United States into Mexico and south throughout South America. The different species vary in size from 0.05-2.2 m tall. They have pinnate green leaves, and white, golden, orange, yellow, to an almost red floral heads typically (0.1-) to 4-6 cm diameter, generally with both ray florets and disc florets. Tagetes are known almost universally in North America as Marigold, or variously as Mexican marigolds (or cempasuchil), African marigolds (usually referring to cultivars and hybrids of T. erecta, although this species is not native to Africa), or French marigolds (usually referring to hybrids and cultivars of T. patula, many of which were developed in France although the species is not native to that country). At least one species is a naturalized weed in Africa, Hawaii, and Australia. "Marigold" is derived from "Mary's Gold", and the plant is associated with the Virgin Mary in Christian stories. Tagetes is not to be confused with the genus Calendula, which goes by "marigold" in some areas. See "marigold" for this and other species commonly called marigold. Uses and Breeding The foliage has a musky/pungent scent, though some later varieties have been bred to be scentless. It is said to deter some common insect pests (although it is recorded as a food plant for some Lepidoptera larvae including Dot Moth), as well as nematodes. Tagetes are hence often used in companion planting. T. minuta (Khakibush or Huacatay), originally from South America, has been used as a source of essential oil, known as tagette, for the perfume industry as well as a flavourant in the food and tobacco industries in South Africa, where the species is also a useful pioneer plant in the reclamation of disturbed land. Some of the perennial species are deer, rabbit, rodent and javalina resistant. The petals of Tagetes are rich in the orange-yellow carotenoid lutein and as such extracts of T. erecta are used as a food colour (INS-Number E161b). Cultural Significance The species Tagetes lucida, known as "Pericon" is used to prepare a sweetish, anise flavored tea in Mexico. The tea can be used to cure stomach illnesses, but can cause hallucinations when consumed in large amounts. It is also used as a substitute for Tarragon. The marigold was regarded as the flower of the dead in pre-Hispanic Mexico, parallel to the lily in Europe, and is still widely used in the Day of the Dead celebrations. The marigold is also widely cultivated in India and Thailand, particularly the species T. erecta, T. patula, and T. tenuifolia. Vast quantities of marigolds are used in garlands and decoration for weddings, festivals, and religious events.
Goodyear Gold Medallion brand 4
Goodyear Gold Medallion brand 4
To display authenticity, Gold Medallion retreads are branded with a “Gold” emblem on the side of the tread directly above the tire’s DOT number. Gold Medallion retreaded tires are available throughout the United States and Canada through the fleetHQ network of servicing dealers.

gold number 4
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