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Williams Gold Refining Company

williams gold refining company
    gold refining
  • The mechanical process of separating valuable gold from the other waste materials from its ore using gold refining equipment is called gold refining.
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  • William Carlos (1883–1963), US poet, essayist, novelist, and short-story writer. His poetry illuminates the ordinary by vivid, direct observation; it is characterized by avoidance of emotional content and the use of US vernacular. Collections include Spring and All (1923) and Pictures from Brueghel (1963)
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Gold Mine Railway, Clogau St. David's, Bontddu, Wales.
Gold Mine Railway, Clogau St. David's, Bontddu, Wales.
Photo Taken : 17.05.1990. This isolated 2ft gauge industrial line was located in south Snowdonia in the mountains on the northside of the Afon Mawddach estuary. The area has been producing small quantities of gold going back hundreds of years but the main Mawddach gold rush started in 1853-54 when miners prospecting for copper and lead came across small quantities of gold. The chance of larger quantites came in 1861 when significant gold deposits were found here at Clogau mine near Llechfraith located in quartz deposits. The gold rush was short lived and petered out by 1870 but a resurgance came in 1887 and by 1904 the mines in the area employed several hundred men. The year 1904 saw a total of 20,000 ounces produced in the Mawddach Valley gold mines. The refined gold is used for jewellery and has the distinction of being used to make Royal Family wedding rings. Several mines survived on a small scale until the mid 1990's using railway equipment but I think I am right in saying this was the last. The loco is a 2ft gauge Battery Electric (4wBE) built by Wingrove & Rogers Ltd. (wks no.WR 10114/1984). It is seen in the sunshine outside the mine adit on charge. The operating line was very short running from within the mine out a short distance into the woods to a spoil tip. It was worked by one locomotive with another kept as maintenance spare. Since closure this locomotive is now to be found at Porthmadog owned by the Carnarvon Slate Company.
Gold Refining Operation 1
Gold Refining Operation 1
Built on the coast, it was made to look like a fortress so pirates passing by didn't attack it

williams gold refining company
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