14k gold angel charm : Mens gold figaro chain

14k Gold Angel Charm

14k gold angel charm
  • A financial backer of an enterprise, typically in the theater
  • An attendant spirit, esp. a benevolent one
  • spiritual being attendant upon God
  • A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe
  • saint: person of exceptional holiness
  • invests in a theatrical production
  • The power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration
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  • 14K can mean: * 14K (Triad), a Chinese criminal organization * Gnome-Rhone 14K, an aircraft engine of the 1920s and 1930s * 14 carats, a measure of the purity of a precious metal
14k gold angel charm - Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Angel with Gem Charms Pendant, 18"
Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Angel with Gem Charms Pendant, 18"
The Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Angel with Gem Charms Pendant is a detailed novelty piece, great for everyday wear. Resting on an 18" box chain lays a sterling silver pendant in a rounded-diamond shape. The pendant features a cut-out of an angel, complete with wings and a halo. This unique necklace also features metal and gem detailing along the top of the pendant. Beautifully created Blue-Topaz and Peridot briolette-shaped stones accent the top of the pendant, along with a 14k yellow-gold star holding a natural white diamond.

88% (19)
sterling silver wings .all
sterling silver wings .all
fly me to the heavens on the wings of an angel • genuine natural moonstone ~15mm by 18mm, bezel set ~the back of the moonstone setting has been hand-pierced with an upside-down heart (see".back" picture) • round genuine amethyst "bullet" cabochon ~4 mm, bezel set with a serrated edge • 7 little gold balls ~created by melting previously loved 12k and 14k gold jewelry ~carefully hard-soldered to the wings and moonstone pendant • 2 3/4 inches wingspan ~.925 sterling silver ~pierced/sawn by hand and finished with a frosted texture ~total "height" from the top of the wings to the bottom of the moonstone pendant is 1 3/8 inches • 18 1/2 inches in total length ~rolo link chain with handcrafted sterling silver ends ~sterling silver spring clasp ~fun little frosted dangling silver bead (the same as those that are wire-wrapped and used to link the wings to the chain) attached to a circle charm with my "S" stamp • this one of a kind necklace is handmade by tinkerSue *available*
E304 Moonlit Summer
E304 Moonlit Summer
At 4-5.5cm long, Moonlit Summer features the cute and popular gold moon with an angel charm amidst a costly sem-precious coral tear drop, swaroski crystals, czech pearls, czech glass beads, 14k gold-plated chains, 14k gold-plated ear hooks etc. This lovely earring would go well with any safari-coloured attire that's the IN fashion now, at last according to this month's Style magazine.

14k gold angel charm
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