Saris 11968 2 For Spare Tire Clearance - Mtb Tyre Review

Saris 11968 2 For Spare Tire Clearance

saris 11968 2 for spare tire clearance
    spare tire
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2004 Acura TL with spare tire (10-12-2008)
2004 Acura TL with spare tire (10-12-2008)
This car had a spare tire because one of it's tires got flattened which made the car ride more bumpy. A car with a spare tire can't go as fast as a car with all regular tires.
14: Spare tire as shelf (0110)
14: Spare tire as shelf (0110)
The full-size spare tire lies on the custom floor and---with an attached piece of plywood---acts as a shelf. This is on the passenger side of the Sienna. 2007-10-06

saris 11968 2 for spare tire clearance
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