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Discount Tire Auburn Wa

discount tire auburn wa
    auburn wa
  • Auburn is a city in King County and additionally Pierce County, Washington, United States; with the majority of spatial land area within King County.
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Kick off Meeting in Auburn, WA, 3/31/07
Kick off Meeting in Auburn, WA, 3/31/07
Hello! My name is Amy Maurer and I am an organizer in Auburn, WA (about 20 miles South of Seattle). We decided to hold the kickoff event in the meeting room of the local library to encourage people who may not have been asked to a house party and/or feel comfortable going to a private residence to view the webcast. I'm attaching some photos from the event as well as a vanity shot of me with the yard sign I got at the kickoff event (and put up even before I went inside my house that afternoon). Here's my blog from the event: We had 13 people at the Auburn Community Kickoff on 03-31-2007 - including myself, Joel (my husband), Kurt, Verna and Diane from the last meeting. It went well, although I do wish more people who had signed up had actually shown up! Unfortunately, the quality of the webcast was not so good (as live stream video is a crap shoot) but I know I found it interesting - it was good to see Obama in a less formal atmosphere communicating with regular folks. Actually one of the best parts of the whole webcast was before it officially began but the audio & sound was on - Obama was just being himself with the crowd - asking about the local high school teams, etc. The fact that he's a "real person" really came through in the webcast - but especially in that short part we were lucky enough to witness just by hooking up early. The topics addressed in the webcast were: healthcare, education, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, campaign finance reform, and the need for Americans to demand change. The webcast is available on the main site. The event itself was very well organized. Verna, Kurt, Joel and I did the planning and set up. Verna brought a plant that we gave away as a door prize. She sat at the sign-in table and gave out some buttons I had made that say "Auburn for Obama" as well as selling some bumper stickers and yard signs. Joel was the tech guy. Kurt brought tons of literature that we set out on a table in the back. We also had a refreshment table with sodas, water, cookies and popcorn. Diane also brought some fruit to share. I think that 3 or 4 of the people might actually be good candidates for increased involvement and volunteerism. Once I get my paperwork together, I will be sending them personal thank you's for attending the meeting and encouraging active involvement. Unfortunately, we didn't really have time to plan an organizing event or our next meeting, so I will certainly keep you in the loop on that! Most of the planning for that sort of thing takes place on the Google Group so make sure you're reading that! I told Kurt and Verna today that as I have out-of-town plans over Easter weekend, it would be after Easter weekend before I start thinking about our next event or plan to attend any. Also, don't forget, I've added a fundraising goal on my personal page that is for the Auburn for Obama group. I set a group goal of $5,000.00 and just by asking family and friends, we've raised $160.00 in the past week from just 3 contributors. There's going to be an awesome meetup in Seattle on April 28th with guest speakers Congressman Adam Smith and Reverend Samuel McKinney. Verna and I will be attending that event together along with my Mother from Aberdeen and perhaps a few other ladies. If anyone else is interested in going, let me know and we can arrange a caravan from the South Sound up to Seattle to show our support as a group. I am very fired up about this campaign. I have never before actively supported a candidate; in the past my vote was not cast "for" someone so much as it was "against" the other person. I jumped in not really knowing what to do and the information available on the website as well as the support of some seasoned community activists has helped tremendously. I am now communicating with people all over the State of Washington and one of my primary objectives is to have a cohesive unit of Washington supporters. I am beginning the process of becoming a Precinct Committee Officer and encouraging others to do the same - with a 65% vacancy rate of this position in WA, we can really make a difference at the grass roots level by becoming involved in that way. I am anxiously awaiting the news, hopefully soon, that Obama will be visiting Seattle (or one of the surrounding areas - my vote would be Auburn). Sincerely, Amy Maurer
80s boombox, Auburn WA Goodwill, 10/11/05
80s boombox, Auburn WA Goodwill, 10/11/05
I'm a sucker for the design of 80s boomboxes, especially in colored plastic like this nice red one. Still has a cassette in it--wish I knew what it was.

discount tire auburn wa
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