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Best Deal On Tires

best deal on tires
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096/365 looking for summer tyres
096/365 looking for summer tyres
Driving here in the north is rather costly, since we have to invest in a special set of winter tyres to manage on the icy roads. It is actually mandatory to use them from December till the end of February. But now it's the time to change into the unstudded summer ones again. And we need a new set, so we went looking for the best deals today. Driving will be faster from now on, for several reasons. Even the motorway max speed limits are changed from the winter 100 km/hr to the summer 120 km/hr. These different rims adorned the walls of one tyre store, and looked quite impressively shiny. Not that I understand anything about rims. I just drive the car, and hope that it will take me reliably from a to b. Fast, too, if needed.
Flat Tire
Flat Tire
On the way home from the bar last night I accidentally stepped in a pothole. No big deal, right? Well, that caused a major blowout in my trusty Rainbow flip flops. Anybody that knows me knows that I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to my flops. I insist on the best, and that's why I wear Rainbows. The drawback, however, to these excellent flops is that it takes months to properly break in a pair of Rainbows. Now I have to start all over...

best deal on tires
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