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Electra Townie 3i Bike

electra townie 3i bike
  • Electra (Ilektra) is a 1962 Greek film based on the play, Electra, written by Euripides. It was directed by Michael Cacoyannis, as the first installement of his "Greek tragedy" trilogy, followed by The Trojan Women in 1971 and Iphigenia in 1977.
  • The daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. She persuaded her brother Orestes to kill Clytemnestra and Aegisthus (their mother's lover) in revenge for the murder of Agamemnon
  • (Greek mythology) the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra; persuaded her brother (Orestes) to avenge Agamemnon's death by helping her to kill Clytemnestra and her lover (Aegisthus)
  • Arild Andersen (born 27 October 1945) is a Norwegian bass player.
  • A person who lives in a town (used esp. with reference to their supposed lack of familiarity with rural affairs)
  • resident of a college town not affiliated with the college
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  • A resident in a college town, rather than a student
  • Someone who lives near, and perhaps lurks about, a popular trail. Some townies help thru-hikers; others go out of their way to hassle hikers. In either case, the expression "get a life" comes to mind.
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  • Iniziative Industriali Italiane or 3I is an Italian aircraft manufacturing company that was originally formed as Meteor S.p.A.. In 1947, a group of pilots founded Meteor S.p.A in Trieste, Italy. Meteor's aim was to re-open Trieste airport, which had been destroyed in World War II. Meteor S.p.
electra townie 3i bike - Electra and
Electra and Other Plays (Penguin Classics)
Electra and Other Plays (Penguin Classics)
Four seminal tragedies by the master Greek dramatist, in sparkling new translations

Of the more than one hundred plays Sophocles wrote over the course of his long life, only seven survive. This volume collects four of them, all newly translated. Electra portrays the grief of a young woman for her father, Agamemnon, who has been killed by her mother’s lover. Ajax depicts the enigma of power and weakness vis-avis the fall of the great hero. Women of Trachis dramatizes the tragic love and error of Heracles’s deserted wife, Deianeira; Philoctetes examines the conflict between physical force and moral strength.

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Ms. M and her Electra Townie 3i
Ms. M and her Electra Townie 3i
She came in the shop several times, asked a lot of questions, and after much deliberation, Ms. M decided on this fine steed, and selected the necessary accessories to turn it into an around-town car-substitute. In the process of buying her bike, I got to know a little bit about her, and she got to know a little bit about me. That was back in April of 2008. One of the best parts about working and living on the island is that I get to see so many of my customers out enjoying their bikes...young and old, ladies and gentlemen, athletic and not-so-athletic, well-off and and not-so-well-off. Alameda's rich history, its island status, its size, its proximity to so much natural and cultural beauty...are all things that make it a truly wonderful place to live, a place worth calling 'home.' It is, however, my opinion that Alameda's greatest asset is its people. The diverse group of individuals and families who choose to live here, add more flavor and soul and character than all else combined. I am proud to be part of this diverse group. I was at TJ's with my son last month, and I bumped into Ms. M. We spent a few minutes catching up, and I asked if she'd come by the shop and pose with her bike.
Young Ms. M and her BRAND NEW Electra Townie Holiday 3i
Young Ms. M and her BRAND NEW Electra Townie Holiday 3i
Ms. M came in to test ride bikes a few days ago. She REALLY liked the Townie, but preffered the saddle that came on the Electra Amsterdam. She came in on my day off and took this sweet ride home. She was out for a ride with her father, Mr. T, this morning when they popped in the shop, and I swapped out saddles for her. While adjusting the tilt, I asked Ms.M and her dad if I could get a picture of her and her bike. She's part of the what I perceive to be the fastest growing demographic in cycling: young women. Specifically, 16-25 year-olds. When I got my first job at a bike shop eighteen years ago, young women didn't ride; it just wasn't cool. As they mature into adults, and join the workforce, and start families, it is my impression that they will continue to ride... to work, and with their children. This is a good thing. Now bikes are cool, and I don't think there's any place I'd rather work than where I am now. Eighteen years from now, I imagine I'll still feel the same.

electra townie 3i bike
electra townie 3i bike
Townie: A Memoir
An acclaimed novelist reflects on his violent past and a lifestyle that threatened to destroy him—until he was saved by writing.
After their parents divorced in the 1970s, Andre Dubus III and his three siblings grew up with their exhausted working mother in a depressed Massachusetts mill town saturated with drugs and everyday violence. To protect himself and those he loved, Andre started pumping iron and learned to use his fists so well that he became the kind of man who could send others to the hospital with one punch, and did. Irresistibly drawn to stand up for the underdog, he was on a fast track to getting killed—or killing someone else.

Nearby, his father, an eminent author, taught on a college campus and took the kids out on Sundays. The clash of worlds between town and gown, between the hard drinking, drugging, and fighting of “townies” and the ambitions of well-fed students debating books and ideas, couldn’t have been more stark or more difficult for a son to communicate to a father. Only by finally putting pen to paper himself did young Andre come into his own, discovering the power of empathy in channeling the stories of others—and ultimately bridging the rift between his father and himself.

An unforgettable book, Townie is a riveting and profound meditation on physical violence and the failures and triumphs of love.

Amazon Best Books of the Month, February 2011: Rarely has the process of becoming a writer seemed as organic and--dare I say it--moral as it does in Andre Dubus III's clear-eyed and compassionate memoir, Townie. You might think that following his father's trade would have been natural and even obvious for the son and namesake of Andre Dubus, one of the most admired short story writers of his time, but it was anything but. His father left when he was 10, and as his mother worked long hours to keep them fed, her four children mostly raised themselves, stumbling through house parties and street fights in their Massachusetts mill town, so cut off from the larger world that when someone mentioned "Manhattan" when Andre was in college he didn't know what they were talking about. What he did know, and what he recalls with detailed intensity, were the battles in bars and front yards, brutal to men and women alike, that first gave him discipline, as he built himself from a fearful kid into a first-punch, hair-trigger bruiser, and then empathy, as, miraculously, he pulled himself back from the violence that threatened to define him. And it was out of that empathy that, wanting to understand the stories of the victims of brutality as well as those whose pain drove them to dish it out, he began to write, reconciling with his father and eventually giving us novels like House of Sand and Fog and now this powerful and big-hearted memoir. --Tom Nissley