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Bicycle Handlebar Extenders

bicycle handlebar extenders
    bicycle handlebar
  • Bicycle handlebar or often bicycle handlebars refers to the steering mechanism for bicycles; the equivalent of a steering wheel.
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bicycle handlebar extenders - Topeak Tourguide
Topeak Tourguide Handle Bar Bag
Topeak Tourguide Handle Bar Bag
TourGuide handlebar bag

The Tourguide is a full-featured handlebar bag with a QuickClick quick-release bracket and shoulder strap that makes it easy to take it with you. For extended touring, day trips, and commuting, this bag features a special space to mount your cycle computer, a clear map cover, a 3M reflective strip and safety light mount for increased low-light visibility, and an included rain cover for additional weather protection.
What's QuickClick?
Topeak's QuickClick system is built into every bag they make. Convenience and secure, QuickClick is Topeak's proprietary quick-release mounting system that allows fast and easy tool-free mounting and removal of QuickClick equipped bags, tools, lights and accessories. A simple slide and click and the bag is secure. To remove, a simple push of a button unlocks the system for easy removal. Fast, easy, and secure.
QuickClick quick-release clamp makes removal and installation easy
A special space to mount your cycle computer
Features a clear map cover
3M reflective strip and safety light mount for increased visibility after dark
Included rain cover provides additional protection
Includes shoulder strap for off-bike use
Divided main compartment
Front zip pocket
Two side zip pockets
Bag Attachment: QuickClickv(Fixer 8)
Shoulder strap
Carry handle
3M reflective strip
Rain cover included
Capacity: 305 cubic inches
Maximum Load: 11 pounds
Protection: Fully padded
Material: 1800/840 denier nylon
Dimensions: 10 by 7.1 by 9.1 inches (L x W x H)
Weight: 1.48 pounds

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My bicycle.
My bicycle.
Vroom. I just zip-tied the milk crate on night before last. I would like to get a stem extender to lift the handlebars up a smidge and auxillary brake interrupters so I can brake more easily in an upright and not-hunched-over-racing position. I'm not a racer, I'm a commuter.
IMG 0784.JPG
IMG 0784.JPG
My Maxarya came with a handlebar extender. Without it, I think the handlebars would be too far forward for comfort. Maxarya's website is out-of-date and incomplete. I don't know if this extender is something they provide as an option, or if it was something my dealer added.

bicycle handlebar extenders
bicycle handlebar extenders
Dimension Steerer Extender 1" Black Threadless Adds 2 to 3-1/4"
Dimension Steerer Extender adds 2 to 3-1/4" height to steerer.
Extender clamps to steerer; stem clamps to extender
Adds 2 to 3-1/4" height to threadless steerer
Includes top cap and long bolt
40mm of threadless steerer is required for proper installation
Do not stack steerer extenders; no more than one steerer extender recommended per bike
WARNING: Dimension Steerer Extender is not recommended for use on forks with carbon fiber steerers
Item Specifications
Steerer Size1"
Stem Size1"