14 inch bicycle tire : Bike trailer kits

14 Inch Bicycle Tire

14 inch bicycle tire
    bicycle tire
  • A bicycle tire is a tire that fits on the wheel of a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle, quadracycle, bicycle trailer, or trailer bike. They may also be used on wheelchairs and handcycles, especially for racing.
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14 inch bicycle tire - Northern Industrial
Northern Industrial Poly Wheel and Tire for Garden Carts - 20in., White Spoked
Northern Industrial Poly Wheel and Tire for Garden Carts - 20in., White Spoked
Great wheel and tire for a garden cart and other wheeled contraptions. Also fits 20in. bikes with caliper or coaster brakes. 5 spokes and rim of rugged, impact-resistant white polypropylene. Aluminum alloy hub has 1/2in. ball bearing bore to fit 1/2in. axle. Black, traction-tread pneumatic 20 x 1.75in. tire is nylon-cord reinforced. 150-lb. capacity. Inflate to 50 PSI. Tire Type: Pneumatic, Rim Type: 5 Spoke polypropylene, Tire Size (in.): 20 x 1 3/4, Tread Type: Staggered knobby, Hub Width (in.): 3, Bore Diameter (in.): 1/2, Outside Diameter (in.): 20, Load Capacity (lbs.): 150, Bearings Included: Yes

87% (12)
fixie drive side
fixie drive side
my stumpjumper fixed-gear project, completed bike-geekery details: 1984 Stumpjumper mountain bike frame, roughly 20" seat tube 650B wheels: Rigida Sphinx 36h rims laced to Phil KISS OFF hubs (fix/fix) via Wheelsmith 14/15 g DB spokes, built by me Fatty Rumpkin 650x41 tires Phil BB (looong spindle) that came with the bike with a modified Sugino XD triple crank MKS Sylvan touring pedals 42/22 gearing that seems a bit low for pavement: about 50 inches - 90 rpm = 13 mph Paul Motolite brakes get the pads high enough off the canti-studs to hit the 584 bsd rim Albatross bars, levers, grips, Tubus rear rack, taillight, Berthoud fenders, and Wald basket taken from my Atlantis Brooks B17 saddle taken from my now parted out and sold Xtracycle
Healing 1940s Australian Track Bicycle
Healing 1940s Australian Track Bicycle
Specs: Healing (1940s?) Track Frame Brooks Saddle, came from an old trackie who raced the saddle to 2nd place in the 1956 Austral Wheelrace! Williams inch pitch crank set Airlite hubs laced to Fiamme red tubular rims Cinelli stem and No. 14 Bars Phillips Pedals Brooks seatpost The only stuff that I haven't replaced as period is bar tape, grease, tyres, toe clips and straps, and corks in bar ends.

14 inch bicycle tire
14 inch bicycle tire
Saris Unique Mount Single Track Fork Mount Bike Racks for Truck, Vans or Indoor Storage (14 to 47-Inch)
Your bike takes a lot of abuse on the trails, so on the way there, treat it like a first class passenger. Simply lay the 47" track on the floor of your SUV cargo area or mount it to your truck bed. Either way, your bike is guaranteed a smooth ride. At least til you hit the trails.

Your bike takes a lot of abuse on the trails. Now you can treat it like a first-class passenger with the Saris single-track fork-mount bike rack. The 47-inch rack mounts on the floor of your SUV cargo area or truck bed, where it holds your bikes and detached front wheels in an upright position.

The single-track rack mounts on the floor of your SUR cargo area or truck bed.
No more worrying about your bikes falling off after a particularly nasty bump, or having the frames catch heck from bugs and debris while on top of your car. Plus, the rack itself is plenty sturdy, with a powder-coated aluminum frame that also mounts on garage walls for out-of-the-way bike storage. There's no better way to guarantee a smooth ride for your bikes, at least until you hit the trails.
The rack comes with three sets of mounting hardware for traps, although both the fork-mount traps and wheel mounts are sold separately.
About Saris Cycling Group
Saris Cycling Group traces its origins back to 1973, when the Graber brothers invented their first bike rack. The Grabers sold the bike rack company in 1989 to Chris and Sara Fortune, who created the Saris brand in 1992, and followed it up with CycleOps in 1999 and PowerTap in 2001. As a constant innovator, the Madison, Wisconsin-based company introduced the first PowerTap-equipped indoor cycle in 2004, making it possible for riders train with precision. Boasting a company of dedicated product managers, ingenious engineers, creative designers, and hardworking employees, Saris Cycling Group keeps its customers on the cutting edge of bike design.