Low In Saturated Fat

low in saturated fat
    low in saturated fat
  • foods contain one gram or less of saturated fat per serving, with no more than 15 percent of calories coming from saturated fat.
low in saturated fat - The Good
The Good Fat, Bad Fat Counter
The Good Fat, Bad Fat Counter
Protect your heart health!

At-a-glance information on trans fats, saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, cholesterol in over 1500 brand name and common foods.

Avoid "killer" fats!

Which of these high-fat foods should you avoid: Nuts? Avocados? Steak? Margarine? Potato chips? You probably know about the health risks of consuming saturated fat and high-cholesterol foods. But did you know the real killer is trans fats-- a common fat in packaged foods and baked goods?

This handy counter identifies all types of fats in the foods you eat-- including trans fats. And health writer Sheila Buff clearly explains which are the "bad fats" you need to avoid and which "good fats" are a must for lifelong health. Eating fats wisely is a key to maintaining heart health and reducing your risk of cancer, stroke, and diabetes. This volume puts you in control!

Don't miss:

* Where the killer fats lurk, and how you can avoid them.
* Why margarine isn't healthier than butter-- and why it may be harmful to your heart.
* The role of trans fats in childhood obesity and asthma.
* Beneficial effects of fish oil, olive oil, and flax-seed oil!
* Why a low-fat diet is not the best diet.
* The Mediterranean diet...a way to live longer and healthier!
* Snack foods-- high in trans fats, low in nutrition.

89% (16)
It is said by some that without darkness there would be no light. Who says that? I'll tell you who: stupid people. People who don't know how light works. And modern deconstructionist superhero movie villains. The ones that find out the superhero's weakness—say, peanut allergy—and then, once the trap has been sprung, explain calmly to the struggling crime-fighter that they, as a Bad Guy, can't help but be evil; that it's part of the balance of nature. There can't be good without evil, or fries without saturated fat, or superheroes without weirdly specific crippling allergies. Then the superhero says "You'll never (gasp) succeed, you demented f@#k." And the villain says, "Oh, but I already have. You see, without a shot of superepinephrine, you'll be dead in five minutes. I could probably wait, just to make sure my stupid-yet-impressionable and, let's be honest, affection-starved, nephew doesn't decide to betray me by helping you, but with traffic this time of day, I don't want to risk missing my flight to, oh, wherever it is I'm escaping to. Good-bye Captain Atlanta." The balance of nature is so predictable.
Saffron Sauce
Saffron Sauce
Somewhat failed experiment of creating a lower fat content and still delicious saffron sauce. Original recipe called for using heavy cream and butter to create a creamy consistency and luxurious feel and texture. However, I don't really want to do that because of the high level of fat and saturated fat at that. Therefore, I created this with miso, olive oil, saffron, half-and-half and crushed black pepper. I have misgauged how salty the miso was, so... If I will try the next time, I'll do that with less amount of miso or other type of "filler" and mix in some reduced sherry or some other reductions. A small amount of butter will have to be used as well.

low in saturated fat
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