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    floor plan
  • scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level; contrasts with elevation
  • In architecture and building engineering, a floor plan, or floorplan, is a diagram, usually to scale, showing the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one level of a structure.
  • A scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in one story of a building
  • (Floor planning) Floorplanning is the act of designing of a floorplan, which is a kind of bird's-eye view of a structure.
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floor plan creator - Stronghold Builder's
Stronghold Builder's Guidebook (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying)
Stronghold Builder's Guidebook (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying)
Defenses Wrought of Mortar and Magic

Heroes need impregnable fortresses to assault, wondrous towers to explore, and majestic castles to protect. This book is stocked with everything needed to design any fortified structure imaginable, including:

Over 150 new magic items .

More than two dozen magical augmentations for stronghold walls.

Rules for magic portals, mobile strongholds, and trap creation.

Five complete strongholds, including maps, ready for immediate use.

Players and Dungeon Masters who want to create customized strongholds will find all the construction materials they need within these pages.

To use this accessory, a player or Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook.

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Palazzo Farnese: plan
Palazzo Farnese: plan
Title: Palazzo Farnese Other title: Palazzo Farnese (Rome, Italy) Creator: Sangallo, Antonio da, 1484-1546 Creator role: Architect Date: 1517–1534 Current location: Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy Description of work: The historic illustrations included in this project were originally published during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Many originally appeared in publications that predated the widespread use of photography for art documentation. These engravings, line drawings, and plans reflect both the technological and aesthetic standards of their time. By their very nature, they often represent subjective interpretations of the monuments and works depicted, and as such they offer fascinating insights into the cultural values of art and architectural history during the formative years of these disciplines. In the context of these images the terms ""reconstruction"" and ""rendering"" have been used to distinguish between the artists' speculative reconstruction of a ruined work from the artists' perspective drawing or rendition of the design. Description of view: first floor plan Work type: Architecture and Landscape Manuscripts and Books Style of work: Renaissance Culture: Italian Measurements: 4.15H x 6.0W cm Source: Fletcher, Banister. A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method. Sixth edition, rewritten and enlarged. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1921. Provided courtesy of Allan Kohl. Resource type: Image File format: JPEG, TIFF archived offline Image size: 475H X 327W pixels Permitted uses: This image is posted publicly for all uses as a work in the public domain. Collection: Worldwide Building and Landscape Pictures Filename: WB2007-0801.jpg Record ID: WB2007-0801 Sub collection: palaces
Supporting partitions for floor over completed Guastavino tile vaults, construction of the McKim Building
Supporting partitions for floor over completed Guastavino tile vaults, construction of the McKim Building
File name: 06_03_000297 Call no.: T.R. 27. 38 Title: Supporting partitions for floor over completed Guastavino tile vaults, construction of the McKim Building Creator/Contributor: Stevens, Edward F. (Edward Fletcher), 1860-1946 (photographer); McKim, Mead & White (architect) Date created: 1889-07-13 Physical description: 1 photographic print : albumen silver print Summary: Building plans indicate that the photograph shows area near where McKim elevator was installed. Shows Guastavino tile laid over partition for subflooring. Printed from negative with damaged emulsion above and to the right of center. Duplicate of 06_03_000085, photo No. 83 by Edward Stevens, Clerk of Works. Genre: Albumen prints Notes: Image from: Boston Public Library : photographs taken during the construction of central library building for McKim, Mead, and White ; Image caption: Partition over Tile Arches (J) Subjects: Public libraries; Building construction; Vaults (Architecture); Boston Public Library Collection: Trustees’ Library Location: Boston Public Library, Rare Books Department Rights: No known restrictions

floor plan creator
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