Recycled pine flooring. Floor lamp table combination

Recycled Pine Flooring

recycled pine flooring
  • Use again
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recycled pine flooring - Bungalow Flooring
Bungalow Flooring Fo Flor 23-by-36-Inch Floor Mat, Whitewash
Bungalow Flooring Fo Flor 23-by-36-Inch Floor Mat, Whitewash
Rugs and mats help us keep our homes clean and they add beauty and character to our favorite (and most visited) place in the world. Why settle for ordinary and mundane when you can have a Bungalow original creation? Bungalow's rugs and mats are a perfect way to spotlight your creativity and individuality. The fo flor whitewash rug offers a truly unique design and it's constructed of neoprene so it has an ultra soft feel. It also has a low profile, to keep it away from swinging doors or shuffling feet and with the 100-percent rubber backing, it's sure to stay where you want it … and need it. The 23-by-36-inch size is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or doorways. Display your unique taste and individuality with Bungalow.

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Recycled Hardwood Floor
Recycled Hardwood Floor
This is the floor in the sunroom, recycled heart of pine tongue and groove floorboards. They are original to the house and used to be wall to wall throughout, but termites damaged about 1/5 of the boards. My solution was to pull the flooring out of the three bedrooms and replace it with carpeting. Everywhere else in the house I pulled up the floor, cut out the termite damage, and relaid it using the surplus harvested from the bedrooms. The variation in color comes from where in the house I harvested it- kitchen boards have black adhesive from linoleum, bedroom floorboards have more finish on them than some of the higher traffic areas, and the paint drips are from me using this space as a workshop throughout the renovation. Believe it or not, this will look incredible once it is sanded and finished.
Recycled Sink
Recycled Sink
the sink and faucet we bought from a guy on craigslist for $20, the counter Kelsey made from flooring leftovers. The darker pieces are strips from our house's original oak flooring.

recycled pine flooring
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