Laminate Flooring Made In Germany

laminate flooring made in germany
    laminate flooring
  • Relatively new to North America, laminates have a dense fiberboard core with a paper pattern layer sealed under high pressure both top and bottom with a plastic-like substance. Sold as planks and panels in wood, stone, tile and other looks.
  • Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product, fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or stone, in some cases) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.
  • hard surface flooring with a fibreboard core and melamine wear layer - available in blocks, planks, and squares.
    made in
  • Country of origin (often abbreviated to COO), is the country of manufacture, production, or growth where an article or product comes from. There are differing rules of origin under various national laws and international treaties.
  • (german) of or pertaining to or characteristic of Germany or its people or language; "German philosophers"; "German universities"; "German literature"
  • A country in central Europe, on the Baltic Sea in the north; pop. 84,424,000; capital, Berlin; official language, German
  • a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
  • the standard German language; developed historically from West Germanic
laminate flooring made in germany - Festool TS
Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw (set)
Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw (set)
Festools TS 55 EQ keeps all the great features of its predecessor and adds new features that make the plunge saw more convenient, more capable and more user friendly. A new, larger Thumb Interlock makes it easier to switch on the power and pivot the blade down for cutting, while a new Blade Lock disconnects the power switch, and locks the blade down in position for removal. Plunge cuts in the middle of a workpiece are easier than ever, since the riving knife is now spring loaded, and automatically retracts when plunging. When used with the Festool Guide rail system, the TS 55 ideal for installation of laminate flooring systems, and allows cutting just 3/8" off a wall. Cross cutting veneered materials with most circular saws leaves a splintered mess. Festools new sacrificial Splinter Guard rests on the workpiece directly above the cut, providing "zero clearance" support at the blade for the top veneer, resulting in clean, chip-free cuts in melamine, veneered plywood, and even high-pressure laminates. The suggested 55" guide rail allows for fast precise cuts with little or no setup time, since the edge guide automatically aligns to the cut-line. Electronic variable-speed control automatically maintains a constant blade speed under load, and the soft start and automatic idle cut down on operator fatigue and noise. Surprisingly, the Festool TS 55 EQ uses a 6-1/4" diameter blade, but still provides a 1-15/16" cut at 90 degrees, and 1-7/16" cut at 45 degrees -- plenty to cut construction 2x stock. Festool TS 55 EQ includes a systainer storage box, 48-tooth carbide tipped blade, 55" guide rail, limit stop and chip deflector.

Light, accurate, and easy to handle, the Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw's portable design offers the same precision you'd expect from a traditional panel saw. Ideal for flooring and precision cut outs, it features a dependable, triple motor bearing, constant speed monitoring, and a retractable spring-loaded riving knife for smooth, controlled operation. Plus, FastFix blade changes save time and keep your work flow smooth.
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Plunge Cut Circular Saw
At a Glance:
Compatibility with Festool guide rails for precise, easy-to-replicate cuts

Splinterguard to keep both sides of the cut line clean

Spring-loaded riving knife to prevent kickback

Convenient FastFix blade changing system

MMC electronics and triple-bearing motor for long life and easy handling

Integrated dust port for quick cleanups and healthier work sites

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Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular SawIdeal for flooring and cut outs. View larger.
Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular SawGuide rails allow easy-to-replicate cuts. View larger.
Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular SawPlunge action ensures precise cuts.
View larger.

SpliterguardBuilt-in splinter guard keeps cuts clean.

Spring-Loaded Riving KnifeSpring-loaded riving knife
keeps the kerf open.

Rotating Dust PortRotating dust port accepts multiple hose sizes.
Quick, Controlled Plunge-Cutting Action
Able to handle the same cuts as table saws, sliding miter saws, radial arm saws, and panel saws, the Festool TS 55 EQ is ideal for a broad range of applications. Its plunge action ensures precision when working with a variety of wood surfaces, including flooring.
The saw is designed to allow cut placement anywhere on the cut line for straight cuts and cut outs with clean edges. And for improved accuracy and reduced waste, the TS 55 EQ makes each cut right on the edge of the scribe line, even on bevel cuts.
The TS 55 EQ offers a maximum cutting depth of 2-1/8 inches (55 millimeters) when used without a guide rail, and it gives you 1-15/16 inch of cutting capacity when used with a guide rail. Plus, it makes depth adjustment simple by allowing you to expose only the part of the blade necessary for a given cut.
Clean Finishes with Guide Rail and Splinterguard
Built to work with Festool guide rails, the TS 55 EQ makes it easy to set up for perfectly straight cuts. Guide rail guidance also allows you to use limit stops to cut identical pieces. The saw comes with a versatile 55-inch guide rail.
In addition, an integral guide-rail splinterguard and a second, detachable off-cut side splinterguard work to eliminate tear out on both sides of the saw's cut line. A cut line that's clean and splinter-free on both sides of the blade means you only need to make one pass with the saw, which saves you time. It also means you waste less material, which saves you money.
Spring-Loaded Riving Knife Reduces Kickback
The TS 55 EQ features a spring-loaded riving knife (splitter) that retracts into the housing during plunge cuts. The riving knife keeps the cut kerf open, so the material you are working with won't pinch the saw blade. This reduces the chance of kickback, making the saw safer and ensuring complete control over each cut.
FastFix Blade Changing System Saves Time
When it's time to switch out the blade on your TS 55 EQ, the FastFix system makes the change fast, easy, and intuitive. When this system is engaged, the saw's power switch and arbor are locked simultaneously, so you don't have to worry about accidental start-ups. In addition, the saw is locked into a position that facilitates easy arbor bolt removal, so you can get at the blade quickly.
Robust Design Includes MMC Electronics and Triple Motor Bearing
Different applications place different demands on your tools, and the TS 55 EQ offers variable speed control from 2,000 to 5,200 rpm for equally good results when working with a variety of materials. With its constant speed monitoring, the saw is able to maintain consistent blade speeds under heavy loads, which produces clean, consistent results. And its electronic system includes thermal and current protection, extending the life of the saw.
This saw's robust construction with a triple motor bearing also delivers increased stability, smooth performance, and reduced noise levels--all of which combine to help reduce user fatigue.
In addition, this plunge-cut saw features a Plug-It power cord. This interchangeable cord design allows you to quickly switch between Festool tools without changing your entire setup.
Integrated Dust Control Improves Work Environment
The dependable TS 55 EQ also offers a swiveling dust port that directs dust away from you and your work surface, improving safety and minimizing cleanup time on the job site. This integrated port accepts multiple hose sizes, and it can be used with a Festool CT dust extractor.
The Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw is backed by a three-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
What's in the Box
Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw, 55-inch (1,400-millimeter) guide rail, 48-tooth carbide blade, limit stop, Plug-it power cord, splinterguard, and Systainer storage case.

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sitting pretty in an almost complete, empty room
sitting pretty in an almost complete, empty room
Next thing to do in the house after painting is to install the floors. We opted for 8mm thick laminated flooring in a dark Brazilian Cherry colour from Kronotex™, made in Germany. No carpet in the house, it gathers too much dirt and dust, though we'd probably need to buy a few floor rugs in the future. We shopped around a bit, and decided to buy straight from the importer/distributor based in Perth. It works out cheaper than buying retail from Bunbury, we get free underlay and installation kits, and we don't need to worry about arranging our own freight as the distributor has links to various freight companies. Pictured is a corner of our master bedroom, after the floor had been laid completely, before the skirting was installed. The wall colour is actually greener/yellower than pictured.
Installing the floor
Installing the floor
We opted to go with a laminate floor for our train room. Our first experience with this type of installation. It really looks nice.
Cameron, Austin, Kevin (Dad)

laminate flooring made in germany
laminate flooring made in germany
Dutch Rubber Broom (Large) w/ Telescoping Handle
The Dutch Rubber Broom is the ultimate cleaning tool that will replace a wide variety of conventional cleaning tools. If you're ready for an easier and more effective way to clean, then check out the Dutch Rubber Broom. The heavy-duty polymer bristles will hold up against the toughest and roughest surfaces yet are so gentle, they are safe to use almost anywhere. When you use your rubber broom, pull it towards you, don't push. Nothing stays behind. In one pass, it gets it all. This broom is completely safe to use on any floor in your home, and it will never scratch. With this powerful tool, you will reduce the time and effort it takes to sweep and clean your floors. Features: Indoors and Outdoors: Rubber brooms can be used equally effective indoors or outdoors. Outdoors the tough bristles make easy work of dirty walkways, driveways and patios. Sweeping up wet leaves is a breeze! Indestructible: The natural rubber bristles will not wear, tear or lose its shape like conventional brooms. They have the same strength and durability that car tires do. Sweeping: It can be used for sweeping up dirt from tiled surfaces, wooden floors, linoleum, or almost any other surface imaginable. The hundreds of flexible rubber bristles form a wall to collect all the dirt without stirring up dust. Scrubbing: Used wet, the Dutch Rubber Broom is a great scrubber. The flexible bristles are tough enough for scrubbing rough concrete surfaces but are gentle enough to be used safely on your car's paintwork or windows without the risk of scratching. Carpets: The bristles flex and penetrate into carpet pile to remove unwanted pet hair without the risk of damaging or scuffing valuable furniture. A static charge is built up that actually pulls dirt, dust and hair into the broom. Squeegee: Simply flip it over and let the built-in squeegee remove excess water from floors, walls and windows

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