Fixing Laminate Flooring

fixing laminate flooring
    laminate flooring
  • hard surface flooring with a fibreboard core and melamine wear layer - available in blocks, planks, and squares.
  • Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product, fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or stone, in some cases) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.
  • Relatively new to North America, laminates have a dense fiberboard core with a paper pattern layer sealed under high pressure both top and bottom with a plastic-like substance. Sold as planks and panels in wood, stone, tile and other looks.
  • The action of fixing something
  • Apparatus or equipment for a particular purpose
  • fastener: restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place
  • repair: the act of putting something in working order again
  • The ingredients necessary to make a dish or meal
  • neutering: the sterilization of an animal; "they took him to the vet for neutering"
fixing laminate flooring - Fixing the
Fixing the Game: Bubbles, Crashes, and What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL
Fixing the Game: Bubbles, Crashes, and What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL
American capitalism is in dire straits, caught in a perilous pattern of increasing volatility, decreasing investor returns, and ongoing bad behavior by executives. And it’s getting worse. Since the turn of the twenty-first century, we’ve seen two massive value-destroying market meltdowns and a string of ethics breaches, including accounting scandals, options-backdating schemes, and the subprime mortgage debacle.

Just what is going on here? Is it the inevitable decline of the American economy? Is it the new normal in a technology-enabled global marketplace? Or is it possible that the very theories we’ve embraced to underpin our capital markets are actually producing these crises?

In Fixing the Game, Roger Martin reveals the culprit behind the sorry state of American capitalism: our deep and abiding commitment to the idea that the purpose of the firm is to maximize shareholder value. This theory has led to a massive growth in stock-based compensation for executives and, through this, to a naive and wrongheaded linking of the real market?the business of designing, making, and selling products and services?with the expectations market?the business of trading stocks, options, and complex derivatives. Martin shows how this tight coupling has been engineered and lays out its results: a single-minded focus on the expectations market that will continue driving us from crisis to crisis?unless we act now.

Using the National Football League as his primary example, Martin illustrates that it is possible to take a much more thoughtful and effective approach than we now do to the intersection of the real and the expectations markets and to governance in general in the capital markets. Martin shows how we can act to end the destructive cycle, including:

? Restructuring executive compensation to focus entirely on the real market, not the expectations market
? Rethinking the meaning of board governance and role of board members
? Reining in the power of hedge funds and monopoly pension funds

Concise, hard-hitting, and entertaining, Fixing the Game advocates seizing American capitalism from the jaws of the expectations market and planting it firmly in the real market?and it presents the steps we must take now to do so.

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new floor in the storage room
new floor in the storage room
Notes for Doug: I talked to Mike (young Mike, not old Mike) about cutting off the shelf -- he had not seen the note but thinks he can do it. he also thinks he can fix the creak. there is no difference between the foam layer with text & the one without. Ikea prefers to use the one without text so that people can't get the info to go directly to the manufacturer. old Mike dropped by to check on the deck. he said that we should get something from Marc & the manufacturer, a 5-year warranty. Mike thinks that if we maintain it properly it extends the warranty for another 5 years -- something to confirm w/ Marc. remind me to tell you about the extra areas that Marc scraped up & what Mike said about it. He also says that if the ceiling hasn't dried out within a week he'll come back and fix it. I'll be spraying it with water to ensure that it's still wet. I want it fixed!
Wood flooring
Wood flooring
We wanted to put in bamboo flooring but that dents quite badly. So laminate of some sort was what we were thinking, however on lifting the carpet we found finger mosaic wood flooring.

I think it just needs a sanding, with a Treo sander and some fixing around the edges, might use some sort of beading to do that.

fixing laminate flooring
fixing laminate flooring
Fixing My Gaze: A Scientist's Journey Into Seeing in Three Dimensions
When neuroscientist Susan Barry was fifty years old, she took an unforgettable trip to Manhattan. As she emerged from the dim light of the subway into the sunshine, she saw a view of the city that she had witnessed many times in the past but now saw in an astonishingly new way. Skyscrapers on street corners appeared to loom out toward her like the bows of giant ships. Tree branches projected upward and outward, enclosing and commanding palpable volumes of space. Leaves created intricate mosaics in 3D. With each glance, she experienced the deliriously novel sense of immersion in a three dimensional world.
Barry had been cross-eyed and stereoblind since early infancy. After half a century of perceiving her surroundings as flat and compressed, on that day she was seeing Manhattan in stereo depth for first time in her life. As a neuroscientist, she understood just how extraordinary this transformation was, not only for herself but for the scientific understanding of the human brain. Scientists have long believed that the brain is malleable only during a “critical period” in early childhood. According to this theory, Barry’s brain had organized itself when she was a baby to avoid double vision – and there was no way to rewire it as an adult. But Barry found an optometrist who prescribed a little-known program of vision therapy; after intensive training, Barry was ultimately able to accomplish what other scientists and even she herself had once considered impossible.
A revelatory account of the brain’s capacity for change, Fixing My Gaze describes Barry’s remarkable journey and celebrates the joyous pleasure of our senses.

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