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Fix Squeaky Floor

fix squeaky floor
  • Tending to produce a high-pitched sound or squeak
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  • screaky: having or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge
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  • the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure); "they needed rugs to cover the bare floors"; "we spread our sleeping bags on the dry floor of the tent"
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fix squeaky floor - O'Berry Squeak
O'Berry Squeak No More Kit With Additional 250 bonus Screws
O'Berry Squeak No More Kit With Additional 250 bonus Screws
Squeek-No-More Kit comes with complete instructions to help you eliminate those pesky floor and stair squeaks. Most floor squeaks are caused by nails that are working loose and rubbing on the floorboard. The sooner you can eliminate this from happening, the better. The Squeek No More Kit can be used on hardwood, carpeted, and linoleum floors. Permanently eliminates floor noise under carpeted, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum floors. Does not damage floor coverings. Scored screw is engineered to snap off at the exact point every time. For use with a cordless driver/drill or corded drill. Kit includes alignment and depth control fixture, 50 scored screws, and a No. 2 square recess screwdriver bit. Refer to model No. 3251 for replacement screws.

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Work Was Fun Today
Work Was Fun Today
Two great calls today: First one, someone had a tech sent out to his house to verify why he couldn't browse his 'innernet'. He was advised three times on the call that if the problem lied with his PC, he'd be charged a callout fee and the tech wouldn't fix it. Customer accepted terms. Mere details like this don't concern Dean, who, shortly after having the tech test his connection, went 'Super Saiyan' and called up our activations department, abused the everloving fuck out of them, who, since they have nothing to do with Tech Support, transferred him to me. The poor guy was nearly in tears, so I knew I was in for a good call. I should preface this by saying that the guy did get overcharged for a callout fee (but come on, it's Telstra) but to get someone to nearly bawl his eyes out over the phone with your unique blend of rage, slurred words and schizophrenia takes a great deal of dickishness. There are three types of angry customers I deal with - the Bipolar; who'll snap at the slightest touch, then revert back to normal conversational style, the 'Back In My Day...' folks, who don't seem to understand that their $29/200mb internet plan does not come with an SLA and they're not entitled to a $300 rebate just because an earthquake severed an undersea cable. The third, and my favourite, are the fucking loonballs who'll cut you off at the pass - you can't even get past the 'Welcome to Bigpond' spiel, before they'll start screaming into the phone with such intensity that you're tempted to check your earpiece for saliva. These are folks that combine the best elemants of the above types, then top it off with a dash of self importance (I have 25 lines with Telstra, by God!) , a healthy amount of incompetence (My Broadband Box Motem has an Ethereal Port!) and a complete unwillingness to perform basic troubleshooting (I've already turned the modem off and on, I've reached my limit here!). This genus also fails to understand that I don't have their details on screen at all times - my god, they spoke to someone in Perth a few minutes ago regarding an unrelated issue - why don't you have all my details on screen? These people also seem to slur a lot, and seem to be concentrated in Queensland for some reason. They're also a lot like scorpions - they'll sting themselves then flail around in circles for hours trying to kill their attacker, while being too stupid to realise it's themselves they're hurting. Anyway, the first two types of customers are kind of annoying, and depressing, but the third type is my favourite - they're mad enough to be amusing, and even though there's occasionally an element of fault on both sides, the blame or misunderstanding usually rests with the customer not listening to what we tell them on the phone, or assuming, or 'making shit up'. Usually, their issue is something simple (#1 call resolution: plug modem in) but occasionally you get an issue like Dean's which necessitates an explanation that tests my patience and their grip on reality. Back to the call: the guy from activations transfers Dean to me, and the line is immediately filled with rambling about pricks (call operators) and bastards (telstra). The first three minutes or so of the call are eaten up by Dean accusing me of being 'the prick from Activations' who's now changed his voice to 'fuck with his head'... this gives me a chance to switch from my droll, dry phone manner to what I like to call my 'Dllbert Voice'; a squeaky, slightly out of breath patois that includes nuggets such as 'why sir, if you'll just calm down we can work towards our mutual goal of dispute resolution, and thus achieve a satisfactory outcome - nothing less than a working internet connection!'. This causes Dean to pop a vein whilst accusing me of being a prick and asking if I speak english - apparently my indian accent (or complete lack thereof) has confused him. When I inform him that I do, in fact, speak English, he shouts the question into the phone a further eight times at which point I think 'fuck it', shout 'Sir! I'm not retarded and/or stupid, I can understand you fine!'. (Heads start to appear over the top of cubes) The blood clot in Dean's brain shifts enough for him to switch his focus to demanding that I shut the fuck up and listen to his story (he repeats this a further four times). By this point I'm starting to laugh so hard I have to mute the call - he starts to ramble on about how he'll see us in court and he won't pay for the cost of a tech if the tech didn't fix his problem - when I tell him that he would have been told that was the case he readily agrees (sidenote: Telstra techs don't fix computers, they fix copper - if he can connect with his laptop but not with your desktop, it's on your end and he'll just refer you to a local pc shop) Dean knows this, agreed to this, admits to this, but starts screaming that he 'knew there was something wrong with his computer, thats why he called us'. My repeated attempts to calm him down bef
Squeaky Floors
Squeaky Floors
This is me trying to fix the squeaky floor by adding some screws along the 4' section that is squeaking. Round 1 was adding screws (it was originally nailed down). The floor won, so for round 2 I pulled out the nails, removed the screws, moved the subfloor around a little (very little because the 8' side is tongue and groove) and then used lots of screws. It looks like round 3 may consist of a circular saw, sister joists and replacing a few sections of the subfloor. Maybe it's for the better because I really ought to replace the water damaged subfloor at the same time.

fix squeaky floor
fix squeaky floor
Extra Joist Finding Screw - Improvements
Fix squeaky floor problems with your power screwdriver and a small amount of filler for hardwood floors. No need to remove the carpeting to fix squeaky floor problems - just screw right through the carpet, floor and sub-floor directly into the joist. Fix squeaky floor problems right through the carpeting. Our squeaky floor repair kit allows you to fix squeaky floor spots even when the floor joist isn't accessible, like on a second story floor. This squeaky floor repair kit allows you to fix squeaky floors without removing the carpet. Just add your power screwdriver and in minutes you'll fix squeaky floor problems. Use the alignment/depth control fixture of the squeaky floor repair kit to power drive one of the specially scored screws through the carpeting, floor and sub-floor - right into the joist. The driver stops at the exact depth every time. Then, use the fixture from the squeaky floor repair kit to break-off the screw on the score just below the floor surface. Use several screws from the squeaky floor repair kit in a spiral pattern to insure an end to the squeak. Fluff up the carpeting and you're done. You can fix squeaky floor issues in hardwood floors too, but add a small amount of filler. Benefits of the Squeaky Floor Repair Kit:

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