Book Reviews

Tyler's Review
    13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher is truly amazing book. Jay uses a style never seen before, that will absolutely blow your mind. The book is written in the presents, but is all about a recordings of this girl that has already died. The main character Clay, listens to these tapes containing the thirteen reasons why the girl he really liked committed suicide. This is a dark and twisted novel that lets us see people at a new level. The book keeps you wanting more due to its intense plot. Even though Hannah is never actually seen in the book, Jay Asher the reader knows Hannah as if she grew up with them. Jay makes up an amazingly complicated person and brings the reader through her mind. I would recommend this to about anybody because it is important to learn its lesson. I usually am the type of person who enjoys science fiction and fantasy books with a lot of action, and even though this book is nothing like that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even if you don’t like the book, it will leave you looking at the world like you never have before.

Cam's Review
    I agree with Tyler when he says that this book is truly amazing. The writing style that Jay Asher used in this novel is not only a great idea but is accomplished perfectly. The book is about a junior in high school named Clay Jensen. His life is flipped upside-down when he receives a box of tapes at his door step. They contain the voice of his old crush named Hannah Baker who had just recently committed suicide. She recorded herself telling the th1rteen r3asons why she decided to end her life. Before she killed herself she sent the package to the first person on the list with the instructions to pass it on, after listening, to the next person. This book keeps you reading to find out what Clay's tape is about. Even after his tape it still makes you want to read more. This is possibly the best book I've read so far but I'd only recommend this book to anyone 12 or 13 and up. This is because the book is a bit graphic at some parts. No matter what you think about the book, it will definitely change your perspective on life.