Ship's Routine

Ship's Nightly Routine

posted Oct 1, 2011, 12:14 PM by NLCC JF.Williams   [ updated Aug 23, 2017, 12:25 AM ]

Parade Night Schedule

1800                       Officers and Cadets Arrive

1830                       Check in on Main Deck

1835                       Special Duty men and Markers fall in, and Ship’s Company fall in

1845                       XO takes parade

1850                       Colours

1900                       Period 1

1930                       Stand Easy

1945                       Period 2

2030                       Fall in for Sunset and Announcements

2040                       All Officers on parade

2045                       Announcements

2050                       Sunset

2055                       Liberty boats and Duty watch

2100                       Ship’s Company dismissed

2115                       Officers and Cadets Ashore


All Cadets should be onboard by 1830 and parents will be able to take you home at 2115.

If for ANY reason you are not able to attend a regular parade night or an extra activity you are required to complete a Request for Leave form and hand it in to your Division Petty Officer.   If you have not submitted a Request for Leave, you may call the training building and leave a message.  Be sure to include your name, rank, date and the reason you are unable to attend, or you may send an email to  It is the CADETS own responsibility to call!   Our Phone # is 604-525-2298.

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