Declaration 07 - Maintenance and repairs


(1) Each owner shall maintain his unit and, subject to the provisions of this declaration, each owner shall repair his unit after damage, and at his own expense, in addition and notwithstanding that they may be part of the common elements, each owner shall maintain and repair the interior surface of doors which provide the means of ingress and egress from the unit and all windows in his unit and all at his own expense.

(2) Each owner shall be responsible for all damages to any and all other units and to the common elements, which are caused by the failure of the owner to so maintain and repair his unit, save and except for any such damages to the common elements for which the cost of repairing same may be recovered under any policy or policies of insurance held by the Corporation.

(3) The Corporation shall make any repairs that an owner is obligated to make and that he does not make within a reasonable time; and in such an event, an owner shall be deemed to have consented to having repairs done to his unit by the Corporation; and an owner shall reimburse the Corporation in full for the cost of such repairs, including any legal or collection costs incurred by the Corporation in order to collect the costs of such repairs, and all such sums of money shall bear interest at the rate of twelve per cent (12%) per annum. The Corporation may collect all such sums of money in such installments as the board may decide upon, which installments shall be added to the monthly contributions towards the common expenses of such owner, after receipt of a notice from the Corporation thereof. All such payments are deemed to be additional contributions towards the common expenses and recoverable as such.

Repairs and Maintenance of Common Elements by the Corporation

(4) The Corporation shall repair and maintain the common elements which includes repair and maintenance to all doors which provide the means of ingress to and egress from a unit save and except the maintenance of interior surfaces of such doors and save and except all windows and door glass, the repair and maintenance of which shall be the responsibility of the owner.