REGISTRATION OPEN until Friday, Oct 21st.

2016-2017 Team Sign-Up Process

There are 6 steps in signing up for the 2016-2017 Runnymede Robotics Team.  
Descriptions of all of the Robot Sub-Teams for the 2016-2017 Season are found here.

 Step 1: Ensure you are eligible to be on the team.  See Team Eligibility and Academic Eligibility below.
 Step 2: Complete the On-Line Application Form.
 Step 3: Download, Print, Complete and Sign the following forms:
    Team Eligibility and Code of Conduct
    Safety Rules
 Step 4: Bring completed forms and a registration fee of $30 cash or cheque made out to "Runnymede Collegiate Institute" to Ms. Fife in the Room 303.
 Step 5: Respond to the registration emails that will be sent to confirm BOTH the parent's and the student's email addresses.
 Step 6: BOTH STUDENTS AND PARENTS must register with FIRST and sign digital consent forms to be on the team.  When you respond to the registration email, you will be sent instructions on how to sign up with FIRST.

Team Eligibility for Runnymede Robotics - Team 1310
  1. Runnymede Robotics team members must be full-time students of R.C.I. 
  2. Robotics team members must have an R.C.I. student activity card.
  3. Students must be punctual and attend ALL classes regularly and display acceptable classroom behaviour.
  4. Students must satisfy completely, the requirements of R.C.I.’s school code of conduct and uniform policy, both in school and when participating in inter-school activities.
  5. Runnymede Robotics Team members must be in attendance at school on a given day and attend ALL classes in order to participate in Team activities.
Academic Eligibility for Runnymede Robotics - Team 1310

During the robotics pre-season, teachers will review the last set of marks for each student.  Any student who fails to achieve an average of 60% or 65% (for Construction, Electronic/Pneumatics or Programming Teams) and is not passing all of their subjects, will be reviewed by the teacher leader and/or subject teacher.  The student’s achievement, effort, and attendance will be reviewed and one of the following actions taken:
  • The student will NOT be permitted to participate
  • The student will be allowed to participate if the subject teacher and the robotics team leader agree that the student can participate on a probationary basis.  Students on probation will be required to take a sheet to class each day.  Their teachers will sign the sheet indicating punctuality, attendance in class and may make comments on effort and achievement.
  • If the student's effort, attendance, tardiness or achievement does not improve, they will be removed from the team
NOTE: Student marks from the June report card of the previous year will be carried over as the marks criteria for the fall semester