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Welcome to the 1302 English Online Reader.  This site is organized by Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Film, Writing Resources,  and Research.  You can click on the sidebar links to get you to each section quickly.  You also have a link to Adobe Acrobat Reader (just in case you need to download it) and the English 1301 Reader (once again, if you need it).


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Contributors:  Kelli Wood, Tony Procell, Ruth Pena, Charlie Miller, Barbara Williams and Gloria Estrada
F. 1 Bierce, Ambrose

 F. 1 1 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

 F.1.2 A Horseman in the Sky


F. 2 Cather, Willa
            F.2.1. Paul's Case
            F.2. 2 The Sculptor's Funeral


F.3  Cheever, John

F.3.1 The Enormous Radio  

F.3.2 The Lottery Ticket
F.4 Chekhov, Anton F.

4.1The Bet

F.5. Chin, YZ




F.6 Chopin, Kate

          F.6.1 The Story of an Hour

F.7 Connell, Richard

F.7.1 The Most Dangerous Game

F.8  Dahl, Roald

F.8.1  Lamb to the Slaughter

F.9 de Maupassant, Guy

F.9.1 The Necklace

F.10  Erdrich, Louise
            F.10.1 Saint Marie    
F.11  Ferber, Edna
            F.11.1 The Woman Who Tried to Be Good  
F.12  Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
            F.12.1  Eyes of a Blue Dog
            F. 12.2  A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
F. 13  Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
            F.13.1 The Yellow Wallpaper  
F 14  Glaspell, Susan


 F. 14.1Jury of Her Peers, A  


F. 15  Hawthorne, Nathaniel
            F. 15.1 The Ambitious Guest 
            F 15.2  The Minister's Black Veil
            F.15.3  Rappaccini’s Daughter
            F 15.4 Young Goodman Brown
F.16 Hjorth, Hjalmar
        F.25.1 Truls, The Nameless
F.17  Irving, WAshington
F. 18.  Jackson, Shirley
         F. 18. 1 The Lottery
F. 20 Kafka, Franz
        F.20.1 A Country Doctor
F.21 London, Jack
        F. 21.1 To Build a Fire
F. 22 Maugham, Somerset W.
        F. 22.1 The Luncheon
F. 23 O’Connor, Flannery
        F.23.1  A Good Man Is Hard to Find  
F. 24  O’Connor, Frank
        F. 24.1  First Confession          
F.25  Poe, Edgar Allan
        F. 25.1 The Black Cat
        F. 25.2 Cask of Amontillado
        F. 25.3 The Masque of the Red Death
        F. 25.4 Tell Tale Heart
F. 26 Sartre, Jean-Paul
        F.26.1 The Wall
F. 27  Updike, John
        F.27.1 A&P
F. 28  Vonnegut, Kurt
        F.28.1  Harrison Bergeron     
F. 29  Welty, Eudora
        F.29.1  Why I Live at the P.O.
F. 30 Williams, William Carlos
        F. 30.1  The Use of Force


Recommended websites: Poetry Foundation, The Poetry eServer Collection, Library of Congress: Poetry, Writing about Poetry: Purdue OWL


P.1 Angelou, Maya

P.1.1. Inaugural Poem

                        P.1.2 Phenomenal Woman

                        P.1.3 Still I Rise


P. 2 Arnold, Matthew

P. 2. 1Dover Beach


P. 3. Atwood, Margaret (Bio and other poems)

 P.3.1 Marrying the Hangman

 P.3.2 Siren Song

 P.3.3. They Eat Out

P.4. Blake, William

P.4.1 London

P.4.2 The Tiger


P.5 Brooks, Gwendolyn

P.5.1 One Wants A Teller In A Time Like This

P.5.2The Crazy Woman

P.5.3To Be In Love

P.5.4We Real Cool


P.6 Browning, Robert

P.6.1 My Last Duchess


P.7 Browning, Elizabet Barrett

P.7.1 How do I Love Thee


P.8. Bukowski, Charles 

P.8.1 Cut While Shaving

P.8.2 Let It Enfold You


P. 9 Burns, Robert

P.9.1 Address to the Toothache

P.9.2 The Red, Red Rose

P.9.3 To a Louse


P. 10 Carrol, Lewis (Bio and more poems)

P.10.1 The Hunting of the Snark

P.10.2 Jabberwocky


P.11 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (Bio and more poems)

P.11. 1 Kubla Khan

P.11. 2 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner


P.12 Collins, Billy (Bio and other poems)

P. 12.1 Introduction to Poetry

P.12.2 Man in Space

P.12.3 Snow Day

P.12.4 Workshop


P. 13 Cummings, E.E. (Bio and more poems)

P.13.1 anyone lived in a pretty how town

P.13.2 next to of course god america i...

P.13.3 Poem, Or Beauty Hurts Mr. Vinal

P.13.4 somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond


P. 14 Dickinson, Emily.

P.14.1 I Felt a Funeral in My Brain

P.14.2 Because I Could Not Stop For Death


P. 15 Eliot, T.S.

P. 15.1 The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock


P. 16 Frost, Robert (Bio and other poems)

P. 16.1 Acquainted with the Night

P. 16.2 Fire and Ice

P. 16.3 Out, Out–

P. 16.4 The Road Not Taken

P. 16.5 Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening


17. Gallagher, Tess  (Bio and more poems)

18. Ginsberg, Allen (Bio and more poems)

18.1 America

18.2 A Supermarket In California

18.3 Howl


19. Hoagland, Tony (Bio and more poems)

 19.1  America

  19.2 How it Adds Up

22 Komunyakaa, Ysef  (Bio and more poems)

22.1  Confluence

22.2 Kindness

22.3 Please

23 Merwin, W. S. (Bio and other poems)

24 Neruda, Pablo

24. 1 The Dictators

24. 2 If You Forget Me


25 Ondaatje, Michael

26 Pinsky, Robert (Bio and other poems)

  26.1  Poem about People

  26.2  Shirt

27. Plath, Sylvia

27.1 The Colossus

27.2 Morning Song


28. Poe, Edgar Allan

28.1 Annabel Lee

28.2 Eldorado

28.3 The Bells

28.4 The City in the Sea


29. Soto, Gary

29.1 Oranges


30. Yevtushenko, Yevgeny 

30.1 Babi Yar

30.2 Memento

30.3 Epistle to Neruda


 D. 1 Glaspell, Susan 
        D. 1. 1Trifles

D. 2. Griffith, Robert and Harold Prince

D.2.1 West Side Story

D.3   Ibsen, Henrik

D.3.1 A Doll's House

D.4  Mamet, David

D.4.1 Glengary Glen Ross

D.5. Shakespeare, William:

D.5.1. Othello

D.5.3  Hamlet 

            D.5.4 Macbeth 

            D. 5.5.The Tempest
D.6. Sophocles
D.6.1 Antigone

D.6.2 Oedipus Rex

D.7.  Von Goeth, Johann Wolfgang

D.7.1 Faust


Fi1.  Imamovic, Ahmed

Fi1.1  10 Minutes

Fi2.  Hughes, Patrick

Fi2.1  Signs

Fi.3  Kuenne, Kurt

Fi3.1  Validation 

Fi. 4 Pearlson, Rob

Fi4.1 Our Time is Up  

Fi. 5. Shelton, Ben

           Fi.5.1 My Name is Lisa



W.1. Writing Critical Analysis Papers

W.1.1 Writing an Analytical Paper

W.1.2 What is Analysis?       

W.1.3 Analyzing vs. Summarizing

W.1.4 Plot Summary vs. Interpretive Writing    

W.1.5 Writing a Critical Analysis

W.1.6 EPCC Writing Center Critical Analysis Handout 

W.2.  Literature

W 2.1 How to Write a Literary Analysis

W 2.2 Writing in Literature

W.2.3  Literary Terms

W.2.4 More on Literary Terms

W.2.5 Literary Elements: Theme

W.2.6 Literary Elements: Plot Development

W.3. Stories 

W.3.3 How to Integrate Quotes from a Work of Fiction

W.4.  Poetry

W4.1 Writing about a Poem

W.4.2 Writing about Poetry

W.4.3 Poetry Explications

W.4.4 Using Quotations from Poetry: GMU

W.5. Drama

W.5.1 Writing about Drama

W.5.2 Aristotle's Theory of Tragedy

W.5.3 Drama Terms

W.5.4 Elements of Drama

W.5.5 Elizabethan Theatre History

W.5.6 Greek Theater

W.6. Film

W.6.1 Writing about Film

W.6.2 Writing about Film: Dartmouth

W.6.3 Film Analysis Guide

W.6.4 Glossary of Film Terms

W.6.5 Film Study Resources

W.6.6 Film Information and scripts

W.6.7 The Internet Movie Database 

W.6.8 SimplyScripts. Links to hundreds of free, downloadable scripts.

W.6.9 Drew’s Script-O-Rama.

W.6.10 Movie Scripts Archive.

W.6.11 The Movie Turf (Scripts)

 W.7. General Writing and Grammar Resources

W.7.1. Guide to Grammar and Writing

W.7.2 Attending to Grammar

W. 7.3 Attending to Style

W.7.4 Using Appropriate Language

W.7.5 What is an Academic Paper?  Writing for College

W.7.6 Developing Your Thesis

W.7.7 Revision: Cultivating a Critical Eye


     R.1 The Research Process

R.1.1 Tips on Choosing a Topic by custompapers.com

            R.1.2 Evaluating Internet Sources by R Harris (Virtual Salt.com)

            R.1.3 Tips on Taking Research Notes by Empire State College

            R.1.4 Annotated Bibliographies by Purdue University

            R.1.5 Plagiarism FAQ's by Plagiarism.org

            R.1.6 Developing the Research Thesis Statement by Empire State College

            R.1.7 How to Start Your Research Paper
            R.1.7.1 Drating/Writing your Research Paper

            R.1.8 Information on MLA in-text citations by Cornell University

            R.1.9   How to Assemble a Works Cited page                     
                 R.1.9.1 Sample Works Cited page at  http://dianahacker.com/pdfs/hacker-daly-mla-wc.pdf
           R.1.10 MLA Documentation Info- includes a podcast

  R.2.  Other Sources

R.2.1 Research and Citation Resources

            R.2.2 A Guide for Writing MLA Research Papers

            R.2.3 Research and Documentation by Diane Hacker

R.2.4   EPCC Library Homepage

R.2.5   EPCC Citing Information and Tutorials


R.3.   APA Style

R.3.1 Guide to Writing APA Papers

            R.3.2 APA Style Essentials

R.3.3 APA In-text Citations

R.3.4  APA Sample Research Paper

R.3.5 APA Research Style Crib Sheet




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