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Super Energy Efficient Refrigerator

super energy efficient refrigerator
    energy efficient
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Club-Lounge at T5 Terminal - Heathrow airport
Club-Lounge at T5 Terminal - Heathrow airport
Close attention has been paid to minimising the impact on the environment during the construction of Terminal 5. 85% of waste on the project has been recovered and materials have been recycled and re-used throughout the building process. A super-strength concrete has been used for the construction of the airfield, which means less is required. This alone has saved 60,000 tonnes of CO2. Waste heat from an existing combined heat and power plant is being piped to the Terminal 5 energy centre to provide the building with 85 per cent of its heat on demand. This saves around 11,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Inside the terminal, the lighting is controlled digitally. Individual lights can be turned on, off or dimmed. The baggage systems and escalators benefit from variable speed drives, slowing down the systems when not in use. The terminal itself is glazed on all facades, reducing the need for artificial lighting. South-facing facades benefit from louvres, angled in such a way as to prevent the summer sun penetrating the building. Energy efficient fittings are found throughout the terminal building and only centrally chilled water is used to cool the building, limiting the need for individually chilled air conditioning units and refrigerators throughout the building. Water from Terminal 5’s rainwater harvesting and groundwater boreholes is being used reducing the demand on the public water supply by 70%. The harvesting scheme re-uses up to 85% of the rainfall that falls on the terminal’s campus. When aircraft arrive on to a stand they can be attached to a system which pumps air into the cabin. When used with fixed electrical ground power units the aircraft engines and auxiliary power units can be completely shut down cutting out unnecessary emissions.
yurt storage
yurt storage
Along with ample shelving, the storage room contains our clothing, the PV system batteries and equipment, and separate energy efficient (DC powered, super insulated) chest style refrigerator and freezer. This room is not heated in the winter and it’s location on the north side will keep it cooler during the summer.

super energy efficient refrigerator