Refrigeration manifold gauge. Walk in freezer temperature

Refrigeration Manifold Gauge

refrigeration manifold gauge
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refrigeration manifold gauge - HVAC Refrigeration
HVAC Refrigeration R410a Manifold Gauge Set 2 Valve 3 Hose
HVAC Refrigeration R410a Manifold Gauge Set 2 Valve 3 Hose
High pressure and low pressure dual color-coded gauges, large and clear dials, built-in sight glass, quick-disconnect valves and three 60" charging hoses. Provides all the required tools in one unit. Dual Manifold Gauges: Large 2 3/4" Diameter Easy-to-read, Dual Gauges Manifold with Built-in Sight Glass High Pressure or Low Pressure is Selectable Diaphragm Valves with Swivel Seals for More Positive Seal and Less Wear Pressure in PSI Temperature in °F for R410a, R22,R404a Extra Large Easy to Read Color Coded Dials Rubber gauge covers for added protection Durable Metal Casing Aluminum Alloy Testing Manifold Body High Impact Pop-in Lexan Lens A heavy Duty Hook for Hanging the Gauges No-flutter Gauge Design Brass Connection 3 Color Coded Charging Hoses (60"): 3 pcs Charging Hoses, 60" in Length Each Red(1/4" SAE), Yellow(1/4" SAE) & Blue(1/4" SAE) Charging Hoses Include 5/16" SAE Adapters for R410a Working Pressure: 800 PSI Burst Pressure: 4000 PSI Designed to Meet 1/4" SAE Requirement for Refrigerant Permutation 45 Degrees Angle on the Service Port Site for Easier Access Package Included: 1 x Set of Manifold Dual Gauges 3 x Color Coded Charging Hoses 2 x 5/16" SAE Adapters for R410a

89% (12)
A manifold printed on a 3D printer. Photographed in a Light Shed with an SB600 on either side.
20080607 - water lines to manifold installed
20080607 - water lines to manifold installed
The house water filter in place. The main to the manifold is plumbed in the system behind.

refrigeration manifold gauge
refrigeration manifold gauge
Orbit 5-Way Zinc Hose Faucet Valve Manifold 62019
This zinc hose manifold has 3 ports with shut-off valves and 2 side connections for attaching additional water hoses. For multiple hose watering uses, this hose bib valve is a great garden hose accessory to have on hand. Durably built of zinc metal, this garden hose valve has a swivel hose connection that attaches easily to a garden hose spigot. This garden hose connector comes with a mounting bracket for stability in installation.
Features and Benefits
All ports have shut-off valves
Has 2 side connections for adding more garden hoses
Sturdy zinc construction guarantees many years of dependable garden watering
Has a mounting bracket for easily and stable installation