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Water Space Heater

water space heater
    space heater
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New hot water heater after 1am failure...
New hot water heater after 1am failure...
Hot water heater broke in the middle of the night, flooded my loft space, my bathroom, the hallway (upstairs and down), the loft below me, and into the parking garage...after a lot of banging and sawing they got the old one out and surprisingly go the new bigger one in...there was a lot of water spilled when the old one came out and it was pouring down the wall...now i'm afraid the closet is flooded but I can't check until they are done...thankfully I'll just have to wash blankets and clothes if that's the case...nothing should be ruined...lovely Sunday ... Woo hoo, all done, closet dry...just have to clean up the walkway and bathroom!
YAY! I have water again!
YAY! I have water again!
...granted it's frickin' freezing ice water! I had no water at all. The pipes were frozen. I took my space heater and hair dryer and angled them under the bathroom foundation at the pipes...turned the tap on...nothing. Went away...about an hour later I hear water start to run. Awesome. But ice cold water. Just icy water...running, and running, and running... And at one point, the drain decided to misbehave and the tub overflowed. It's been a fun night, yo.

water space heater
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