Reddy Heater 30000 Btu. Arizona Solar Water Heaters.

Reddy Heater 30000 Btu

reddy heater 30000 btu
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  • Reddy (??????), also transliterated as Ruddy, Roddy, Raddi, Reddi) is a social group or caste of India, predominantly inhabiting Andhra Pradesh. Reddys regard Telugu as their mother tongue, Hindi and English as secondary language.
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  • British thermal unit(s)
  • The British thermal unit (BTU or Btu) is a traditional unit of energy equal to about 1 055.05585 joules. It is approximately the amount of energy needed to heat of water . It is used in the power, steam generation, heating and air conditioning industries.
  • British thermal unit: a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at one atmosphere pressure; equivalent to 251.997 calories
  • British Thermal Unit

Reddy collecting mushrooms
Reddy collecting mushrooms
Our guide Reddy saw a bunch of mushrooms on our way back to Bario and decided to make dinner out of them. The locals still collect a lot of plants and such from jungle to be used for food. Hunting is also quite popular since it's much easier to hunt your food than to fly it in from the coast.
Reddy Kilowatt
Reddy Kilowatt
This is a Reddy Kilowatt name tag sticker.

I'm not sure how old this is, but I remember getting one like this in the '70s on a school field trip. We toured an electric power company to see how it all worked. I think we all got Reddy Kilowatt coloring books too. I wish I still had mine.

reddy heater 30000 btu
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