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Electric Water Heaters Problems

electric water heaters problems
    water heaters
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Step Back in Time
Step Back in Time
East Glacier, Montana. Everyone needs to stay in a place like this at least once. I had room fourteen.. The vast majority of the rooms in East Glacier will look a lot like this............ Mom and Pop seasonal rooms at their best or worst, depending on how you look at things. I had a conversation with another motel next door to this one before I left and was assured a room would be no problem. When I showed up to check in, the story changed.......... the BNSF railroad repairmen had taken all of the rooms, but should be one on Friday. After watching the older man ,who could not hardly hear, fumbling through a loose leaf spiral notepad for what had to be five minutes, he came to the conclusion that he had one for Friday. All well and good till he wanted the room paid for in advance.I could see me showing up the next day and trying to tell a deaf man that yes I had a room for the night and it was already paid for. Look it up in your spiral notebook. .................. Kept my money and moved down the road fifty feet. The check in went well here.......... the Lady was well organized and helpful. She gave a few pointers on the room. Room fourteen............ " this one is the best, its closest to the water heater." Water ............ " Don,t drink the tap water, having a water advisory.........will be a liter bottle of water by the lamp. Should be quite ......... "doesn,t look like any of the rest will be used." Right she was!!! I thought I was in the wilderness, kept checking for bears! WiFi connection............. " We really don,t have one but if the weather is right you can pick up the one from the store across the street, thats what I do, it will be a little spotty." She was wrong . It was a lot spotty. Heater ......." The trick to getting it to work, is to turn it and the fan on at the same time." With it being in the low thirties and cracks big enough to see through in the door and windows it finally got warm in there by the time I left in the morning. Cable TV ....... It worked! ....I,m a big NBA fan and watched the Mav,s come back from fifteen points down on a 14 inch TV with a fuzzy picture. Electric plug ins ............. It had one, and only one! I wanted to charge some batterys, couldn,t, .....didn,t have a two prong adapter. It has been years since I have used an adapter to take a three prong plug to a two. Lighting............ Had one lamp in the room........... like to have never found the light in the bathroom..............it was a bare 60 watt bulb above the mirrow. Shower ......... A box type addition from the fifties, a little rusty and questionable if would hold my weight. Water Heater .......... Good thing that no else used the other rooms. When the water heater kicked on after using some hot water, it sounded like a truck coming into the room! Other than these few inconveniences, it was a clean over-priced room. Billy this answers your question as to my staying at " Glacier Park Lodge "!
Monique monz nz@hotmail.com scaqefqwzkuupprrsmuv6zcmh1qiaw
Monique monz nz@hotmail.com scaqefqwzkuupprrsmuv6zcmh1qiaw
Last pick of the bunch. In October, last year, my partner and I purchased our first house. Having 'low equity' we were not able to afford a mortgage on a new house (unlike the rest of our friends); we purchased our first house with all the disasters already in place. We have attempted to repaint the guest bedroom however this only added to the disaster, after receiving the wrong renovation tips. Our fire place leaks and the wind channels down the old unused chimney and into our lounge, where we sit huddled under a sleeping bag on winter nights. The cord for the electric heater has to be plugged in on just the right angle in order to power up and heat our 'cold feet'. Our hot water was found to be leaking out onto the roof; when we attempted to fix this problem we found that the hot water cylinder needs replacing before it leaks throughout the house! Previous owners kindly painted the hallway using the same paint that has been used to paint the exterior of the house, but it looks to have been watered down and applied with a rag. It's sad to know our house is always the last pick of places to go and chill with friends and a DVD. When will the bank give us a break and let us have a couple of dollars to spare to fix our little DIY disaster? $20,000.00 and some much needed expert advice from the Home Show would be just the ticket to put a smile back on our faces. Monique monz_nz@hotmail.com scaqefqwzkuupprrsmuv6zcmh1qiaw

electric water heaters problems
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