Swimming pool electric heater : Tax credit for tankless water heater 2011.

Swimming Pool Electric Heater

swimming pool electric heater
    electric heater
  • Electric heating is any process in which electrical energy is converted to heat. Common applications include heating of buildings, cooking, and industrial processes.
  • A furnace is a device used for heating. The name derives from Latin fornax, oven. The earliest furnace was excavated at Balakot, a site of the Indus Valley Civilization, dating back to its mature phase (c. 2500-1900 BC). The furnace was most likely used for the manufacturing of ceramic objects.
  • a small electric space heater
    swimming pool
  • pool that provides a facility for swimming; "`swimming bath' is a British term"
  • Swimming Pool is a 2001 German slasher film, known in Germany as Der Tod feiert mit, The Pool in Britain, Italy & the USA, and Water Demon in the Philippines. It is directed by Boris von Sychowski.
  • An artificial pool for swimming in
  • Swimming Pool (1976 film) is a Malayalam language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role of the protagonist.

Day 280/365: Pool Clossed [sic]
Day 280/365: Pool Clossed [sic]
Whoa. What a time warp. You don't see too many private outdoor swimming pools in Portland, Oregon--and this may well be the only one that's shaped like a bowling pin. Weird! Also, despite it's time warpiness, it is billed as being "solar heated." Sounds green and progressive, no? Well, I suspect that solar heated actually means that this is what in the olden days we used to call an "unheated" pool, that is, one that doesn't have some kind of electric heater to warm the water and that relies on the Sun to eventually warm up the water by July or so. And if that is the case with the pool the inclimate [sic] weather we've been having (rain and cold temps) would definitely mean that swimming in this pool would be pretty unpleasant.
Mania's grandchildren
Mania's grandchildren
Mania's grandchildren: Kristina 10 (center) and Nika 5 (on bed), in one of the annexed buildings for IDPs in the Zugdidi Hospital Center's Collective Center (CC) in Zugdidi, Georgia on Monday September 29, 2008. Living conditions within the Center are deplorable, with collapsing ceilings, a flooded basement that seeps water into the floor boards, and unsanitary bathroom facilities. All four children, their mother, and their grandmother sleep in this one small room, there is not enough space for the wood stove so they use an electric heater during the winter. Mania's sole income comes from an allowance/assistance from the government. 22 families live the CC behind the Zugdidi Hospital. / UNHCR / P. Taggart / October 2008

swimming pool electric heater
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