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Garage Wall Heaters

garage wall heaters
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Gas Line Efficiency
Gas Line Efficiency
The old gas lines for the water heater and clothing dryer were run all the way around the exterior perimeter of the house. I capped the line right where it enters the garage wall and re-routed them to where the water heater is (did some ceiling plumbing to accomplish this) with enough foresight to be able to run additional gas line into where the laundry room will eventually be. Much more efficient and (in my opinion) a much more correct way to have handled the situation.
Dimplex General Purpose Heater Compact Frost Watcher
Dimplex General Purpose Heater Compact Frost Watcher
Frost Watcher Ideal for use in small rooms, workshops, garages. 600W Output Single Heat Settings Neon Wall Mountable Frost Protection Overheat Protection IP20 Rated 1 year guarantee Colour: White Length of Power Cord: 1.5m Dimensions Height: 258mm Width: 241mm Depth: 120mm

garage wall heaters
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