12v car heater defroster. Spt appliance inc electric halogen patio heater. Wall mounted radiant heater

12v Car Heater Defroster

12v car heater defroster
  • heater that removes ice or frost (as from a windshield or a refrigerator or the wings of an airplane)
  • A defogger or defroster is a device for clearing condensation from a window, and is also useful for melting frost, ice, and snow that has collected on the window surface. They commonly exist in automobiles, in two basic varieties.
  • The apparatus (either a fan connected to the heating system or electrical wires imbedded in the glass) which removes frost or fog from a window. Also called a demister.
  • A heater is object that emits heat or causes another body to achieve a higher temperature. In a household or domestic setting, heaters are usually appliances whose purpose is to generate heating (i.e. warmth). Heaters exists for all states of matter, including solids, liquids and gases.
  • device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
  • A fastball
  • A person or thing that heats, in particular a device for warming the air or water
  • A conductor used for indirect heating of the cathode of a thermionic tube
  • fastball: (baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity; "he swung late on the fastball"; "he showed batters nothing but smoke"
  • A vehicle that runs on rails, esp. a railroad car
  • A road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people
  • a wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad; "three cars had jumped the rails"
  • A railroad car of a specified kind
  • the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant
  • a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"

Defroster Retro-fit
Defroster Retro-fit
When the first "G" models made their appearance in Canada, design imperfections caused problems with the right corner of the windshield fogging or icing up. Drivers would cut coffee cups in half then tape them over the right vent. In this picture, it's a "Tim Horton's" cup. Some times, when it was a styrofoam cup, the drivers would write, "Part No. 1001" (or something to that effect) as a practical joke.
Defrost power supply
Defrost power supply
Makita 12v NiCad hooked to a 12v plug purchased at Wal Mart for $1.97. Works slick....and I can even use it charge my cell phone!

12v car heater defroster
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