Alcoholics Anonymous Myths ~ Under Construction

Here's some things that are attributed to AA, and why they don't make sense.
Don't drink and go to meetings  or  Don't drink under any and all circumstances
These slogans or statements are simply ludicrous. If we knew how NOT to drink, why would we need Alcoholics Anonymous?
Men with men and women with women
This refers to sponsorship. If this was meaningful, where does it leave gays? The premise is that we shouldn't tell someone of the opposite sex our deepest and darkest secrets. And why not? Most of us are aware of the deep, dark secrets of the opposite sex. We don't go into detail, after all.
Gender meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous shouldn't have gender meetings. The premise is that we can't go to a meeting and share about "that" in front of the opposite sex. The problem with this idea is that meetings aren't for therapy. If the topic is that heavy, then you shouldn't be sharing it in an open meeting room anyway.
Meeting makers make it
Meetings were never intended to keep us sober. Meetings began as a place to meet and share ideas. Ultimately, they became where newcomers would show up. Hence, meetings are a great place to find sponsees. The idea of making 90 meetings in 90 days has no real use to staying sober, except perhaps keeping the newcomer busy.
Go slow, go far
We arrive at Alcoholics Anonymous in spiritual pain. We never took our time taking a drink. Why should we suddenly go slow? The Big Book says "we launched on a course of vigorous action..." Does that sound slow to you?